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On one line with yourself

During a good and deep relaxation you spontaneously experience a temporary lessening of the normal hectic flow of thoughts. In doing so, you reach your own deeper self in a direct way. Besides the good feeling during this relaxation, you can also experience this feeling between them. After a good session you feel fit and rested, with a clear head and a sharp mind. Your brain gets clean and ready for new ideas and possibilities. This heightens mental activity, concentration and creativity. A short relaxation offers a quick recuperation and after that an energetic feeling.

Effective aid towards general health

A daily deep relaxation of 5 to 10 minutes is a very effective means towards general health, in the short term as well as in the long term. Body and mind come to rest. The ‘stress-response’ that has become so much part of our normal life, is balanced by a regular ‘relaxation response’. With this AURELIS-indication you get a choice of short relaxations that you can use in order to reach this relaxation response.

More open to change

A deep relaxation is by its own already very effective to heighten pain relief and stress resistance, or to let yourself go into a restful sleep. On top of this it makes you more open to change (such as from smoker to non-smoker) that is in accord with your whole personality. A seemingly deep relaxation is a good basic attitude to continue working with autosuggestion. You get much less disturbed by the 1001 thoughts that otherwise run through your mind. Through this rest, the dialogue with your unconsciousness becomes easier and more effective. The normal limitations disappear and you get more possibilities towards self-change.

For anyone who wants to use AURELIS

Also because of this we recommend this indication to anyone who wants to use other indications of AURELIS and has not yet any experience with yoga, autogenic training or another method of deep relaxation.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Fixation on a point and then closing your eyes
    You concentrate on a point that you choose, for instance a point on the wall before you. You then close your eyes and associate your concentration to relaxation and energy for the rest of the day.
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  • Living in the present (eyes closed)
    You look at the objects in your environment as if seeing them for the first time. In doing so, your attention and your whole being achieves a state of rest and relaxation.
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  • Quick relaxation through self acceptance
    By accepting yourself without precondition, every reason for tension disappears. This session is a short exercise in complete self-acceptance for a short period of time.
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  • The counting of your breathing
    Counting your breathing is a way to keep your attention focused. Everything else becomes unimportant for a while.
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  • Transcendental meditation
    With transcendental meditation, attention is focused on one sound, word or concept. A 'mantra' or word-sound that you will concentrate on this session is 'AOOOM', according to ancient Indian tradition.
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  • From thought to thought without naming them
    Free and release your thoughts, then follow them without judging or naming them. Without the least effort focus on something specific.
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  • A walk in the wood
    An imaginary walk in the woods. All senses are involved.
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  • Imagination - at the open fireplace
    Alone or in company you sit cozily at a fireplace. Any feeling of tension is dissipated by the cozy situation.
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  • A walk at the seaside
    You are walking on the beach and you use all of your senses to let impressions come to you. A gentle wind, much relaxation and energy.
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  • A walk in the mountains
    An imagined walk in the mountains. All senses are involved.
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  • Sensing residual tension as protection
    You can consider the tension that remains after a relaxation as a tension that you may need in order to protect yourself. You can preserve this tension as such as long as you wish.
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  • Breathing without naming things
    A deep concentration on spontaneous breathing, with each breath.
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  • Floating away on a little cloud (1)
    Pure imagination: you are lying on a little cloud that immediately reacts to any of your thoughts. You remain in the room or space in which you physically are. A feeling of freedom and lightness make tensions easier to bear.
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  • Floating away on a little cloud (2)
    Pure imagination: The same little cloud as in the previous technique. Now, however you are flying further and further away. Rather like a bird, you can leave all tensions far behind and beneath you.
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  • Anchoring relaxation by turning your ring some times
    In your thoughts or in reality you turn your ring while you practice with another short method of deep relaxation. This way you 'anchor' the relaxation to the turning.
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  • Yoga
    This is a meditation involving clear consciousness, pure breathing, freedom, and thoughts as waves of the sea.
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  • Fast body scan and relaxation
    You go move your attention from your feet towards your head, from your head towards your feet. Either way you are open to relaxation.
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  • Tension towards the floor below you, relaxation arises
    You feel tension disappear into the floor and surface on which you are sitting or lying down. Relaxation rises from the floor and fills your body.
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  • A mist of relaxation in which you dissolve
    You imagine a very dense mist and begin to feel yourself dissolving into it. You become entirely a part of this mist of relaxation.
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