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The beginning of all wisdom

‘Know yourself’ was already an ideal to Socrates and it has withstood the test of time. Self knowledge is still the beginning of all wisdom. I gladly broaden this to knowledge also of your deeper self. Pay attention, however: knowledge does not have the meaning here of ‘grasping’ in the sense of grasping your deeper self. This is absolutely not ‘grasping’ in any sense.

What is important to your deeper self

You can use this indication of AURELIS in order to obtain an idea about what is important or not to your deeper self. You can ask directed questions with this and you get an answer too. However do not immediately trust something that arises from within you just like that, certainly not if it is an answer to an important question that you pose to yourself. Ask the question once again, preferably with some time inbetween and in a slightly different form. Only if the answer is consistent and if you can bring it into agreement with your common sense, you can take it as a basis for a decision.

Sensible answer present in you

Take notice that you can only get a sensible answer if that answer can reasonably be present within you. The winning lottery number of next week does not belong to this. But surely you can ask whether for you as a whole person this is a suitable period to start working on yourself, like on your overweight or your smoking addiction. You can also ask what your deeper self thinks about a change of work, about a good way to handle someone else, or about the chance that you will be happy in a house that you plan to purchase. As you see: important decisions, that are always directly concerned with you. This is the self knowledge meant here.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The inner guide (beginning)
    ... to whom you can ask questions about yourself. Here it is restricted to yes/no answers that spontaneously come to you.
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  • The inner guide (further)
    ... to whom you can ask questions about yourself. You get contact with your deeper self in a form that you prefer. You can conduct a whole conversation.
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  • A walk in a natural landscape
    You walk in nature and what you encounter is always related to yourself. Meanings are especially emotional.
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  • You yourself in the eyes of others
    You imagine that you can look at yourself from the perspective of others, paying special attention to emotions, appreciations...
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  • An idea as mantra
    You choose a specific idea. You follow your own associations on this, to a small degree. Each time you remain do this for a while you return to the original idea.
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