RSI of the wrist/hand

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The ‘cause’ is a combination of factors

RSI of the wrist or hand is prevalent nowadays and is still often attributed purely to mechanical factors. Nevertheless, it’s evident that general factors of stress play a big role in its origination and perpetuation. Like with many other situations, the ‘cause’ is a combination of factors. Taking into account the combination is also important for a good and long-term solution.

The importance of this indication

With this indication, you can work directly on the stress as it specifically is expressed in RSI. By means of its ‘meaning’, you work on stress at a deeper level and also more focused. Your hand and wrist attain rest at this deeper level. If you do such an exercise at least daily, then your subconscious (`deeper self’) works on it the whole day, until the problem is much better or has entirely disappeared. It is then no longer necessary to repeat the sessions daily. Nevertheless, plan a continuation session from time to time until you feel that the problem has disappeared from your life. Even if you are bothered for a longer time, you can expect this to happen.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Your hand and wrist become strongly 'powerful'
    You imagine very deeply that much 'inner strength' comes into your hand and wrist - so much that it is hardly understandable. Through this, you feel the pain melt away like snow under the sun.
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  • An exercise of 'deep attention' to your own hand
    In your imagination your hand is wrapped up in very soft wadding. You go to it with your attention but you avoid this in a 'superficial' way. You learn to 'be open to meaning' and to deep attention.
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  • Your own hand as your full partner
    Your hand is not 'that instrument' that no longer wants to cooperate. It is a very important full partner. Eventually it's entirely you yourself. You are your hand and your hand is you. Through this you can also use your complete inner strength to reach a solution.
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  • Pain and inflammation dissolve lightly but continuously
    You go with your attention to your pain and both in imagination and reality you feel how these diminish. You practice this with the 'certainty' that it will also be the case in the future. Repeating it, this session can always evidently improve.
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  • Your stress condenses itself into material little spots that can disappear afterwards
    The stress that shows itself as pain in your hand or wrist condenses as it were into material spots that already feel very different. At a second stage, these tiny spots can dissolve or disappear just like with the RSI problem.
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