Rigid neck

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Muscle tensions as a result of distress

In most cases a rigid neck is caused by chronic muscle tensions as a result of chronic distress. General relaxation (see indications about ‘Relaxation’) and stressional intelligence (see indication ‘Stress Relief’) are thus certainly indicated.

Sometimes a clear meaning

Sometimes a rigid neck has a clear meaning: fear or unwillingness to look ahead, to see an important situation right into the eyes. With the AURELIS method it’s not needed to make an analysis of underlying factors. You approach the symptom in a symbolic way and through this immediately also the underlying problems. You meet within yourself a more gentle way to treat yourself, your surroundings and your neck.

A chance to grow

A symptom like rigid neck is a chance to grow as a complete person. A purely superficial approach is a missed chance. With AURELIS you can accept the invitation that comes from your deeper self. Improving the rigid neck is then the consequence of a deeper change within yourself. This last is the actual effect. The improvement of the symptom is a side effect.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Relaxation that softens the muscles
    You make your neck muscles slowly softer and softer, in a way in which you feel that it's not just for a little while but permanent.
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  • Bending of the neck as a symbolic invitation to righten something within yourself
    You make the muscles of your neck entirely loose. Then you search within yourself for what will heal the neck by itself.
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  • A very straight posture
    Not only the vertebrae of your neck, but your whole spine becomes straight as it was meant to be and only the natural curve remains.
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  • Absolute non-aggression versus your neck muscles
    'Non-aggression' is attention, but with complete respect for the current state. You give your own neck muscles (and the emotions that are caught there) complete freedom.
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  • The inner strength-neck that manages tensions
    Inner strength provides your neck the possibility to stand powerfully in the midst of life and manage the 'storms of life' without being broken by them.
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Scientific References
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