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The key to the solution

In the same circumstances one person has a lot less stress than another person. This is mainly because of another way to relate oneself to it. Another interpretation therefore, another mental attitude. This is obvious: nothing can cause you stress outside of your own interpretation of that thing as a stress provoking factor. This means that you have the key to the solution inside yourself.

A source of strengt and health

With the AURELIS-method you keep your own sensitivity. You do not get any mental scars or calluses. Quite the contrary. You learn from inside how to better cope with the ‘stress provoking factors’ that otherwise lead you to a lot of trouble. What provokes a lot of stress to you in a negative way, you can now learn to look at and experience as a motivating challenge. What was rather paralyzing now becomes a source of efficiency. What made you sick now becomes a source of power and health. The ‘stress’ doesn’t disappear, but becomes transformed in a very spontaneous way into something of which you ask yourself later on how it’s possible that you once called it ‘stress’ in a negative sense.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Imagination: putting your stress into balloons and letting them fly away
    In your imagination, inflate balloons with stress and then let them fly away. You can quickly feel the surplus of stress diminish. You decide how much of your stress leaves you in this way. Once you master this technique well, you can use it anywhere.
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  • Changing stress into energy in order to get things done
    By reinterpreting excessive stress, you can use your adrenalin for positive objectives.
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  • Easily flowing from one state to another and back again
    You learn to switch from stress to relaxation and back again. In doing so, you can learn to relax quickly and recharge with more energy.
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  • Imagination: giving stress a color and then changing this
    Give your stress a color, or let a color rise from inside you. You change this color and in doing so, you notice how the actual stress gets a different aspect. You can practice with the same color or with different colors. 
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  • Imagination: 'circle of excellence'
    You form an imaginary circle around you. As long as you are within this circle, stressful situations influence you less. You can learn to use this circle whenever you need it.
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  • Stress reconstruction
    After a stressful situation you re-live it in your imagination. You search for 2 ways to better cope with it and practice this in your thoughts.
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  • External autovisualisation: period of stress that you manage well
    You imagine yourself in a stressful situation. You see yourself like in a movie and how everything goes well.
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  • Clenched fist technique
    In a clenched fist you collect all stress. By opening your fist afterwards you can let all your stress disappear.
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  • Self- exploration to causes of less stress resistance
    'Forgotten' memories can be the cause of that you automatically assess stressful situations as negative. By consciously looking at those memories, you can learn to better cope with them.
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  • Reinterpreting stress as pleasant
    Exercise in re-interpretation. Stressful circumstances are only stressful if you interpret them as such. During this session you can practice with other interpretations.
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  • Internal auto-visualisation: a stressful episode that you manage well
    You imagine yourself in a stressful situation. You go through that situation within yourself, feeling self-confidence and satisfaction.
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  • Time progression towards satisfaction after a stressful situation that has gone well
    You imagine, as clear as possible, a stressful situation going well. Try not to allow any doubt and enjoy the feeling of self-victory.
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  • Imagination: the inner adviser
    Everyone has an inner advisor who is always ready. The more you ask for advice, the more  he helps you. Some (generally very succesful) people have good insight in this and subconsciously use of him.
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  • Imagination: under the skin of a stress resistant person
    Children learn very quickly by taking up role models. As an adult, you can use this practice again as a way of learning.
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