Relieving guilt

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Very negative for your health

Chronic feelings of guilt are very negative for your health. In serious scientific research this becomes apparent after time. Feelings of guilt lead to a powerful kind of mental auto-aggression that can be converted into physical auto-aggression.

Feelings of guilt versus responsibility

In Western culture, often no distinction is made between feelings of guilt and responsibility. If you are responsible for something and it ends up badly, then you are guilty of that bad result. If you enter deeper into this, then you see a very large difference. Feelings of guilt fixate you and are detrimental for your health. A feeling of responsibility mobilizes you from within and is good for your health. It makes you take things into your own hands and proceed with them.

Do not oppress

If you oppress your feelings of guilt in a superficial way (like with superficial positive thinking), then they continue pursuing you with even more strength internally. In such a situation, the chance of a negative effect for your health or the chance for instance of getting into an accident, is higher than before. It is therefore of very important to you to dissolve your feelings of guilt at a deep level. This can not be done by throwing it away from you as an insignificant something. It really assumes a deep commitment of yourself, but that ís very well possible. This AURELIS indication has been developed as a support for this.

Lending forgiveness

Feelings of guilt are a sign of inner difficulty to lend forgiveness to oneself (or to others that one meets within oneself). There is also a specific AURELIS indication for this. It is very interesting to combine these.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Obtaining 'absolution' from the universe
    At a deep level you ask 'absolution' from what you feel yourself guilty about. If you are ready for this as a complete person, you get that too.
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  • Leaving behind guilt as a chalice in a temple
    in your imagination you are alone inside a temple. At the front of it, there is a kind of altar. You place your feeling of guilt on the altar in the form of a chalice. Then you pray for a morally good life. When leaving the temple you leave behind the chalice and start that new life.
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  • Asking forgiveness from someone else
    If you feel guilty in respect to someone else, then in your imagination you can practice asking for forgiveness. It's important to do this deeply and and if possible repeatedly and to act according to what results within you.
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  • No guilt, but responsibility
    Look at what you did before as what was probably the best choice of action in that situation. Proceed  further on with the best choice of action, so you don't encourage feelings of guilt but take responsibility instead.
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  • The space behind your feelings of guilt
    In your imagination your feeling of guilt is like a kind of mist that you never dared to pass through before. However, you do that now, and you enter a new world where everything is okay in an appropriate way. It feels as if the mist itself is the only thing for which you can still feel yourself guilty.
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