Relax during medical procedure

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As pleasant as possible

For too many people, a medical procedure such as a venipuncture, stitching or NMR is a very unpleasant event. It even happens that someone out of fear renounces the examination and optimal medical care. This indication can help you to get through this episode as pleasantly and relaxed as possible.

In a short period of time

The 'fear' can even help you focus your attentionfor a very short time on these exercises so you quickly experience their effect. It has also been proven that fear and tension in an acute situation can make someone more susceptible to suggestion in general. Attention is always given to a feeling of security and warm humanity as counterbalance to the procedure, which can sometimes feel 'cold and 'hard'.


You are not alone. This is a reality at many levels. People care for each other - deep humanity is ready for you. The knowledge of this can transform a short difficult period into a gem of deeper insight. This way, you also learn something about yourself that also can be important to you. It's clearly about more than this one purely material event.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Sliding forward in a tunnel
    During the medical procedure, it is as if you are present in a kind of tunnel that makes you partially or perhaps entirely immune to possible negative aspects that otherwise make things cumbersome to you. At the end of the tunnel burns the light of self victory.
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  • You yourself become 'the one that does'
    It feels as if you change entirely or partially from purely 'the one to whom is done' into 'the one who does'. This is: the one who has control over the happening. It starts with a sympathizing. It can go to a feeling that you are more or less the other person.
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  • 'Someone' is present with you and protects you
    This can be someone of the past or of now, someone whom you know well and in whom you put your trust. It feels as if this person is present in a deep sense. The human warmth of this accompanies you and supports you. Everything is okay.
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  • Concentration on your breathing
    You focus your attention as well as possible to your breathing. Each time your attention is attracted towards the medical procedure, you allow this just a bit, but quickly return to your breathing, better than before.
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  • A trip towards an ancient city close to the sea
    In your imagination, you go on a trip towards an ancient city somewhere close to a beautiful sea. The city is so well-kept that you can imagine yourself in its prime. With the sea at the background and the sun high in the sky you fall into a state of deep relaxation.
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