Reaching flow

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Feeling of happiness

Flow: the feeling of happiness during work, hobby or other occupation. You feel you are standing entirely in the world and entirely involved in whatever you are doing. In any way, things are going very well and you can cope with any challenge without big problems. You get the impression of ‘mentally flying’. Some people have this feeling frequently, others very seldom. With this session you can make yourself more ready to reach that feeling.

The contrary of burn-out

Regularly reaching flow is a very good way to prevent burn-out. Both states are even contrary to each other. Flow gives you much energy. The more energy you give to yourself at a moment of flow, the more you receive. Your energy seems inexhaustible. It’s important that this is your energy, your deep motivation. On the other hand, the energy expenditure that leads to burn-out is not really the usage of your own deep motivation, but of a motivation that is only seemingly yours. In reality, it comes from a wrong idea about this. You can for example want to ‘ignore yourself’ for the benefit of others because this has been forced upon you in earlier days by your parents.

Deep motivation

Working on flow is therefore also working on your own deep motivation. A specific AURELIS indication exists about this. The difference with this motivation is that here it really is about the feeling during the activity and through the activity. In principle, it can be whatever action, on condition that one way or the other they are deeply related to you. Eventually this lies mainly in your own hands.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • During an occupation - nothing else is important
    You imagine yourself busy with something from your daily life or work. You are entirely concentrated on this, nothing else is important at the moment or diminishes your attention.
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  • Flow-vehicle
    You step into a special car with which you can quickly drive ahead/sail/fly. While you do this, you realize that at a very symbolic level you are busy with other activities that  can also lead to flow.
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  • Making yourself ready to fly from deep motivation to flow
    You do not look for your deep motivation, but if it comes to you, then it supports you and lifts you to a physically tangible feeling of enormous energy. In your imagination it seems as if you can fly through this.
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  • A common activity becomes a flow- activity
    You carry out an activity in your imagination that you often do in your daily life in a somewhat lethargic way. You consider this and the activity turns into a possible source of deep flow. You even become motivated to repeat this activity often.
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  • You become a being free towards flow
    You imagine losing peels which otherwise are hanging around you and obstructing flow. As your core gets more released from under the peels, you are ready to reach a feeling of flow.
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