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Mostly no known organic cause

Winter hands and winter feet are caused by an exaggerated constriction of small blood vessels in hands and feet. In some cases this has a known organic cause, in most cases not. The negative influence of stress is nevertheless clear in all forms, as well as the positive influence of deeper relaxation.

Influence of suggestion

In scientific tests it has been discovered that the influence of suggestion on the constriction of small blood vessels is in general very large (*). That can as a matter of fact also be seen with someone who blushes or turns white as a result of a violent emotion. Your consciousness (this is : mere will power) cannot make your blood vessels contract; your subconscious however can do this. This happens then as a matter of fact entirely ‘spontaneously’. With AURELIS you can realise this spontaneous action from your subconscious in an intense and specific way.

Hygienic measures

Some common hygienic measures are always advisable: stop smoking, avoid medication with this specific side effect and of course also keep the extremities warm. The combination of this with the use of AURELIS will help you a lot further towards the diminishment of this very chronic and sometimes even invalidating phenomenon. (*) R. van Quekelberghe Strategies for autoregulation or peripheral skin temperature. Percept Mot Skills. 1995 Apr. 80(2). P 675-86.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Feeling the blood flow towards your fingers/toes
    You bring your complete attention to feeling your blood flow to the spots of your body that are cold. Through this, your blood vessels open and more warmth effectively reaches these tissues. This warmth is both physical and emotional.
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  • Source of warmth within yourself - warmth spreads itself to your whole body
    You imagine a powerful source of warmth within yourself. There is sufficient warmth to keep your whole body warm.
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  • With warm attention you go entirely around
    You link your own attention to warmth. Then you go around within your body with your attention and you feel how the warmth follows by itself. You don't have to force anything.
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  • Making everything open within your body
    In your imagination you open all the doors within yourself. Everything can go around without restrictions, including warmth. You are very welcoming, but if there are tensions that you do not wish, then you friendly yet resolutely ask them to keep a low profile.
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  • Effectively warming up and using this as a communication
    You effectively make your cold hands feel warm. Try to keep this feeling as much as possible. You can use this to communicate to your deeper self that this is what you wish.
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