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At least 90% psychological

An addiction to smoking is 90% a mental affair, but for this not less ‘real’ of course. The physical addiction is over after 2-3 days, at most a week, after quitting. However, lots of people are disturbed by withdrawal symptoms during many years. Others can stop without any problem.

An addiction is a problem of suggestion

You too can quit smoking without problems if you take the addiction for what it mainly is: a phenomenon related in the first place to your own deeper self. A problem of suggestion therefore, that is best tackled according to the same principle. This means: autosuggestion. AURELIS provides you with the help needed to accomplish this. It gives you the opportunity to stop fighting against the addiction, but instead to evolve towards a solution together with the addiction. With AURELIS you make your own deeper self your best friend and companion. In doing so you become stronger as a person and you avoid the life-long smoldering scar of addiction inside yourself.

No more aggressive fighting

The AURELIS-method to quit smoking is totally different from other methods. You don’t ‘carve’ in yourself. To quit smoking doesn’t have to cause you mental pain. In a spontaneous way, the addiction has less and less hold on you. As a complete person you yourself therefore get the choice whether you want to quit. Willpower is no longer needed in order to fight aggressively against the addiction, but only to practice AURELIS itself.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Feeling better short-term by quitting smoking now
    By quitting smoking, you will feel fitter in the near future. You will feel less tired and become more resistant to diseases and stress.
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  • Enjoying the fresh air, free of smoke
    In your thoughts, you can already enjoy the pure, unpolluted air that cleanses and renews you inside.
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  • Changing the desire for a cigarette into relaxation
    Each time you long for a cigarette, this desire acts as an anchor to relaxation. Through this relaxation, you will no longer feel that you need a cigarette.
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  • Imagination: the 'special room' where smoking doesn't exist
    The 'special room' is a mental space inside yourself where you can always go and where nobody, including yourself, has ever heard of smoking. Because cigarettes do not exist there, you do not feel a longing for one.
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  • Personal validation in a vision of the future
    You imagine a future you, when you will have quit smoking for some time. You feel the advantages and the disadvantages of your decision to quit.
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  • Quitting smoking and not gaining weight
    Some people gain weight when they stop smoking because eating more is a reaction. You can reduce this reaction using this exercise.
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  • Each cigarette becomes a conscious decision
    Taking a packet, pulling a cigarette out of it and lighting it,  are often more or less automatic operations. With this exercise you learn to take the automatic aspect out of these operations. Lighting each cigarette becomes a conscious decision.
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  • Imagination: a cigarette is pulled away over a table
    Visualizing your motivation to stop heightens it even more. If the cigarette (through your doings) falls off the table, you know that a large part of you has already stopped smoking.
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  • The feeling of victory
    Each time that you do not smoke a cigarette, each time that you do not take a packet, each time that you have stopped smoking for a day or a week, your reward is a satisfactory feeling of self victory.
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  • The part of you that never wanted to smoke
    Most people who smoke have a substantial conscious or subconscious inner conflict about it. By focusing your attention on the part of yourself that does not want to smoke, you give this part more energy and the possibility to determine your future behaviour.
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  • Reducing detoxification phenomena
    This is a direct way to prevent you from experiencing discouraging effects from quitting smoking.
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  • The pleasure of no longer smoking
    Each day you can find pleasure in not smoking anymore. You consciously taste the satisfaction and advantages of it.
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  • Alternatives for the urge to smoke
    Each time you light a cigarette is a moment in which you can replace it with an alternative.
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  • Smoking becomes less and less important
    Day after day, you can feel the smoking behavior and the urge to smoke disappears from your life.
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  • No longer a desire to smoke cigarettes
    This is a direct way to remove the urge to smoke cigarettes.
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