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A circle within an ever deeper groove

It’s better not to go back in your memory towards the traumatic experience just like that. This means a possible reinforcing of all traumatizing consequences. You then turn yourself in a circle that digs itself deeper and deeper into a groove. What we attempt with this indication is the reverse, namely: offering a help to you to change this circle into a spiral towards outside of the problem that momentarily has you in its grasp.

Finding trust again

A severe psychic trauma can cause you to lose trust in your environment, in yourself and in life in general. Then you certainly can use help to regain this trust. Nobody can do this for you. You cannot forge the trauma. You could suppress it or ‘cut it out of you’. This is certainly not the best solution. By suppressing it or cutting it away, you get another severe psychic scar.

A growth towards more life

It is impossible to completely return to your life from before the trauma happened. This is not bad either, if you take into consideration that life always involves change. In the best possible case, this change means a growth towards more life, more satisfaction, more being yourself. We hope that this is possible for you even in this difficult situation. The trauma has messed things up pretty well for you. It’s up to you to try to bring these pieces back together in a new and original way so that you emerge from this stronger and more mature.

Towards a future full of happiness

Don’t remain circling around the trauma. Go ahead towards a future that still holds a lot of happiness in store for you. If you can let yourself be deeply touched by the symbolic stories in this indication, then you have the possibility to find inside yourself a lot of new energy.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Working with the aid of direct suggestion on your present anxiety
    Your present anxiety is only present in the now. You do not let yesterday and tomorrow heighten your problem in unnecessary ways. You can lessen your anxiety now by having a conversation with your deeper self in this state of deep relaxation.
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  • A session of cleaning for your body and mind
    In your imagination, you are standing on a place where the sun shines upon you. This is very pleasant and soothing. You feel completely immersed in this warmth and you feel how there exists an emotional bond between you and the sun, as if the sun loves you and you love the sun in return. The sunrays come to you with the aim of making you completely pure in body and mind. They make everything about you clean and new.
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  • Letting yourself grow in the safety of a temple
    In your imagination, you go to a temple that you mentally created. This is a temple that is always present inside you. You feel completely immersed and accepted in a way that makes you feel secure. Here, you have the possibility and permission to take care of yourself in a manner that you don't have otherwise. The trauma has no hold on you here.
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  • Back to the trauma in complete relaxation
    You can return to your thoughts during the traumatic event, while remaining completely relaxed and feeling good. You learn to be friendly to yourself as the one who remembers the trauma and also friendly to the trauma itself without whitewashing the trauma or its cause.
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  • PTSS as small persons
    Sensitive memories join you in the guise of little men or women. You stretch out your hand and cherish them. They can be with you whenever they like, but they should never decide how you feel. You do not accept that they do you any harm and they don't intend any harm. Together you have interesting conversations, and eventually they disappear.
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