Premature ejaculation

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Never ending calvary

This fairly frequent problem is in almost all cases rather easy to solve by psychotherapy. For many people the step to a psychotherapist is however significantly large. Because of this, an easily solvable problem can become a long and seemingly endless calvary for many men and their partners. This indication brings the solution to you. It is no longer necessary that you consult a psychotherapist for this distinct problem.

Stop and start method

A physical method that you can possibly use in combination, is the ‘stop and start’ method (*). It is however a very straight-on, fairly superficial method. One of the AURELIS techniques is a technique with which you can make your experience with the ‘stop and start’ method more efficient and more interesting.

Psychosocial conflict

Sometimes a psychosocial conflict lies behind premature ejaculation for which individual psychotherapy is needed. (*) Stimulation of the penis to near-ejaculation, whereupon the stimulation stops until the certainty exists that no ejaculation will immediately follow.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Practising with sexual arousal and relaxation
    In imagination you see yourself becoming increasingly sexually excited until the moment before ejaculation, when you reduce the excitation to a degree. This exercise empoers you to gain control of your own level of arousal.
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  • The 'stop and start method' - Aurelis support
    You can practice this in imagination and in reality. The 'stop'-part means thinking of totally different things than what is sexually arousing.
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  • Towards former experiences and reworking these
    You can digest former negative experiences by slowly and carefully moving towards them without leaving your deep relaxation.
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  • Practising in imagination on a coitus with 'success'
    This way you give positive experiences to your deeper self and the occasion in order to become acquainted with these.
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  • Increasing within yourself the space for sexual excitation
    You increase your space for sexual excitement so that it does not overflow quickly. You know  there is room for more and you let it proceed into an orgasm when you wish .
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Scientific References
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