Pre-menstrual syndrome

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Clearly hormonal foundation

‘PMS’ as it is also called, has a clearly hormonal foundation. You can look at the phenomenon from a physical point of view or from a mental point of view. It remains of course the same phenomenon, because body and mind are one entity. The point of view that you choose, especially depends on what you find most interesting.

Medication is a cloth against bleeding

Practically seen, the most interesting point of view on PMS is the one that permits to reduce the symptoms in the most appropriate way. Then you end up with a combination, in which the mental side offers most possibilities to reduce the symptoms effectively and for a long period. Medication is more like a cloth against the bleeding, to be used always anew and with side effects.

Healthy way of life

A healthy way of life with sufficient body movement, a regular sleep pattern and healthy food are of course also important elements of self-care. The use of AURELIS can not replace these elements.

Complete acceptance of yourself

The human mind has a large influence on the hormonal system and vice versa. In this interaction you can best find yourself by starting from a complete acceptance of yourself. The desired change that is further built upon this, is then the more stable and the more a change towards more you yourself.

Deeper lying depression

A pre-menstrual syndrome can be an expression of a deeper lying depression. Therefore it is also important that you handle the latter in an appropriate way. In some cases a physical disorder that requires its own treatment lies behind the pre-menstrual syndrome.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • In a boat on waves of hormonal change
    You are sitting in a boat that goes up and down on the waves of a lake. At the same time you feel very stable in boat. Stability appears by looking more at the whole than to separate details.
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  • At the beginning already expectation that it will quickly pass
    The beginning of PMS is no longer a sign that worse symptoms will follow. On the contrary, once you have a good attitude towards it, you realize that PMS twill never last long or bring great inconvenience.
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  • Accepting light fluctuations and this way preventing larger ones
    Large fluctuations are very different from light fluctuations. They mainly originate from  tension that is partly caused by the expectations of light fluctuations.
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  • Postponing an emotional response
    You learn to postpone your own emotional response until your physical state is restored to the beginning of PMS. Your emotions remain important to you, but they no longer submerge you if you do not wish for that.
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  • Swiming in the sea
    in the waves of the sea you regain your own stability in body and mind. Afterwards, you lie on the beach and feel how the waves make you more stable.
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Scientific References
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