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A feeling of fear is not necessary

A phobia (*) can disguise a lot of hidden energy, in a cascade of ever deeper lying causes. It is a symbol for a part of yourself. As such, in handling a phobia, you always have to be careful. Try not to proceed too rashly. All feelings of fear and tension are superfluous in your evolution towards healing. It is even potentially negative. A withdrawal because of the fear carries the message of a reinforcement of the phobia. After several occasions of withdrawal, you even expect fear in advance. This expectation then acts as a form of autosuggestion. Very frequently, this mechanism is also present in the cause of the phobia itself.

A phobia is an opportunity to learn

On the other hand, ramming through the barrier of fear provokes a scar somewhere in your psyche. In both cases, the result is rather negative. Notwithstanding this, the healing process can be very positive too. A phobia is a learning opportunity that you shouldn’t discard. Inside your phobia lies an important part of yourself that is oppressed and to which you as a whole person are yearning deep inside. It is the tension between both parts of you that comes to you in the form of fear.

Changing the energy to life energy

With a good use of AURELIS, the energy that now lies incarcerated in the phobia itself changes into life energy. This means: your lust for life and motivation heighten because part of you comes home again. You don’t fight the phobia, but you learn to grow beyond it in an organic manner. You learn that your phobia eventually is / was a good friend and even an important tutor for the rest of your life. It’s a tutor who aims at dissolving and making himself superfluous.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Thinking without feelings
    You approach your phobia in a strictly rational way; without feelings of tension or anxiety. You look at your phobia and yourself while remaining fully in control of your actions.
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  • At the right distance of your phobia: part 1 (the right distance)
    The correct distance towards your phobia is the distance at which you do not feel any fear. At that distance, you  can learn what the phobia means to you. In addition, this is the distance in which you as a person can grow so that the phobia is no longer necessary.
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  • At the right distance of your phobia: part 2 (communication)
    This is a continuation of the previous session. The contact with your phobia is now more pronounced and personal. This gives you the opportunity to open yourself to what the phobia can teach you.
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  • Changing your phobia from large to small
    You link your phobia to an image of your choice that represents something big and symbolically meaningful to you. Then the image you have chosen becomes smaller and through this, your phobia spontaneously becomes less and less powerful.
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  • Orientation towards a future without phobia
    You imagine yourself in a future where the phobia does not exist. You can think and talk about it in the past tense. Inside yourself, you feel this new freedom and your fears are completely over. Throughout this process you attain a new insight about your phobia and yourself.
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