Phantom pain

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The pain that is ‘impossible’

‘Pain in a part of your body that is no longer there’. At first sight, this seems impossible. However, a lot of people are burdened by this. ‘Pain’ is in the first place a feeling of pain and that feeling does not happen at the place where apparently the pain comes from. It happens mainly in your head. Technically seen, ‘phantom pain’ also occurs when a sensoric nerve has been interrupted. The ‘painful’ body part is still there, but nevertheless there is phantom pain, because the pain cannot come from that body part.

A large role for all kinds of feelings

In the case of phantom pain, one often sees that stress, fear, feelings of guilt or other violent feelings play a large role. The influence of the psyche is in any way probably very large. The pain is also the pain of farewell. One takes leave of part of oneself. At the same time, one also takes leave of one’s self-image of integrity and completeness. This feels like a violation of individuality. If this is not assimilated one way or the other, then it causes much suffering. It is a kind of mourning. The pain is an expression of unresolved mourning. The phantom is perhaps even extra important as a symbol for undigested former injustice. The deeper self continues to hope on a regeneration that is not possible. It cannot accept a future in which this loss is irrevocable. The AURELIS indication about mourning in general is interesting in this respect if you translate it yourself to your specific situation.

Difficult treatment

Physical therapy is generally ineffective, even with the use of the most powerful pain-killers. This leads in many cases, to frustrations for doctor and patient. In addition, a purely physical therapy can make you even more focused on former days as a result of which a mortgage is laid on the future. The general medical attitude in regard to pain as ‘the enemy’ increases even more the protest and the inner feeling of injustice. Phantom pain is one of the most difficult forms of pain to treat.

A friendly attitude with AURELIS

With AURELIS, you learn to adopt a friendly attitude to this deeply sensed injustice to yourself. Part of this concerns putting yourself over it and making the best of it. At the same time you learn to permit to yourself the feelings of that injustice. Above all, you come to terms with yourself. You learn to be friendly again for the one who you are now.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Plunging your painful body part in healing water
    In your imagination you plunge your painful body part into healing water. Your body part does not come back of course, but it 'heals' strongly in some way. 
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  • Taking leave completely
    The body part is present again in your imagination. Without forcing yourself you take an extended leave of your body part and its absence no longer makes you suffer. The body part disappears when you become a complete person.
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  • The absent part is still entirely present with regard to meaning
    What concerns 'meaning', the absent part is not at all absent. In this, you have not lost part of yourself, as a person you still are the same entity. In this deep relaxation you feel the meaning of this truth that always remains with you.
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  • In your imagination you conduct deep 'conversations' with the absent part
    In your imagination you can conduct deep 'conversations' with the absent part. You both talk to each other about your big and little problems. Through this you can both better process the physical farewell.
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  • Imagination: towards a place where your unity finds itself again
    In your imagination you go to a special place where you entirely have the feeling of completeness and unity. With or without 'absent part', in that place you are entirely intact.
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