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Aid in several specific aspects

This indication offers an aid in several specific aspects before, after and even during an operation, as well as at common convalescence and well being. Several aspects concerning an operation are subject to autosuggestion. Thus it is a known phenomenon that hypnosis (another form of suggestion) can lead to a diminishment of blood loss. This is important after the operation, but also during the operation itself when the surgeon is best impeded as little as possible by blood. Moreover, you can also work on your own support for faster wound healing, at the level of the skin as well as in the internal organs. Faster wound healing is not only agreeable, but ensures less complications.

Repeating sessions

The sessions are more effective if you already have some experience. Try to repeat the sessions that you find important at least a few times. It’s a good idea to really do this during your stay in the hospital.


An operation can give you the feeling that everything is being done for you. It has been proven however, that self-reliance leads to a faster and thorougher convalescence, as well as a larger well-being. It even has a substantial effect on the number of days spent in the hospital. This indication helps you to become more self-reliant.

Other indications

Pain reduction is not explicitly tackled in this indication. In between however, you encounter separate suggestions for that purpose. You find marked techniques for pain reduction at the concerned indication. Deep relaxation and ‘coming to yourself’ (meditation, nature meditation) are also important to you, with both physical and mental influences. For this purpose, look to the concerning indications.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Practising the operation beforehand
    In your imagination, the operation room looks very soft, neat and comfortable. You can relax during the operation itself. You use all your energy to start convalescence, after you awake from a peaceful sleep.
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  • Preparing the time after the operation
    In your imagination, the operation is over and you can look ahead to a quick healing. Your body is equiped for a quick convalescence. All bodily functions are normal again and you experience the sensation of healing in an intense manner. Everything is okay.
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  • During the operation you are in a country of thorough convalescence
    Your body remains in the operation room. Your mind, however, moves to a state of thorough convalescence. To be present here allows you to heal physically and mentally. Meanwhile, the state of thorough convalescence looks somewhat like a holiday resort.
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  • You request aid 'from above' and you also get it
    Whatever your religious confession, you can apply this session to ask something or someone 'from above' to aid you in your situation and to effectively obtain that aid. You can request aid in all aspects concerning this operation.
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  • From your deeper self a strength that goes around within your body
    One way or the other you imagine a strength that arises from your deeper self and goes around your whole body, bringing inner strength to attain healing and well-being after the operation. Through this, you grow in confidence.
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Scientific References
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