Performing under pressure

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Always more always more intensely

Generally, more and more people have to perform more intensely under pressure. Given the individual differences, it comes as a matter of fact that this puts too high demands on many, with blockades or a burn-out as consequences. Moreover, this picture can only become even more pronounced in the future.

Creating enough distance towards the performance

It‘s important that you create a sufficiently large distance to the performance, but in a good way. Simply ‘stepping out of it’ is, of course, a possibility, but for many not  a very practical one. What you can always do is work on your own perception about performing and its necessity. If you learn to look less at performing as a coercion and more as a challenge, then you make yourself and your performances immediately more powerful.

The real intention: growing to a calm certainty and more energy

The real intention of this indication not only lies in ‘feeling yourself somewhat better’. It lies equally well in facing a deeper challenge: to perform better under pressure in a good way, at the same time through this coming closer to yourself and more from your total self being able and daring to decide where your real motivations are, to the advantage of yourself and of others. A combination with the indication ‘Deep motivation’ is strongly advised.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • 'I came, I saw, I vanquished'
    These are the boasted words of Julius Caesar, a master in 'performing under pressure'. You imagine yourself in a character that looks like this. It's important to act now, which uou do, and everything turns out fine.
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  • Removing obstacles on your way
    In your imagination, you see a long road, full of obstacles. You feel  these obstacles are symbols of real obstacles in your life and work. You powerfully remove the obstacles one by one until your goal is achieved.
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  • Your own situation: taking distance = performing better
    You return to a recent situation where performing under pressure was necessary. You see yourself busy while you take some distance and your performance improves.
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  • Performing in a screened-off part of yourself
    In imagination you make an achievement that is required in your real life, but you do this as if it were a part of you that is screened off from pressure. No matter how big the pressure may be, your achievement doesn't suffer.
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  • Postponing pressure for one day
    You ban all stressful pressure from your life for one day. On that day, you make a necessary achievement (such as a sollicitation). After that day the pressure can return, but is not necessary.
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