Panic attacks

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Real panic attacks reach a peak in less than 10 minutes and last generally no longer than 1 - 2 hours. They can be accompanied by symptoms such as depersonalization (you feel unreal, not entirely yourself) and depression, apprehension to die or to become crazy. In general, panic provokes fear of loss of self-control. In addition to this, there can be many physical symptoms and these can then provoke additional fear of a physical disorder.


Some medicines can raise the sensitivity for panic attacks, even tranquilizers. Speak with your physician about this.

A solution from within

Seemingly, a panic attack comes from nowhere. There is no reason at all or a reason that is rationally seen is not worth it. ‘From nowhere’ means in this case that it in fact comes from your deeper self. In your deeper self you can - in a completely non-aggressive manner! – search for the solution and let it grow. With this indication, you have an effective aid in this direction.

Fear itself does not lead to a solution

It is not the intention that you have any fear during any session of this indication. If that nevertheless happens, then you better stop that session. Fear is very effective in slamming the doors towards your deeper self. Aggressively facing your own fear is completely counter-productive and unnecessary on your way to an effective and definitive solution.

Panic and general fear

Panic attacks clearly demand another approach than fear that slumbers in the background and only sometimes comes a bit more to the foreground. Of course, it is interesting to combine this indication with the indication ‘General Fear’.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The humor of the situation
    In an imagined panic situation you change certain things into elements of humor. You let your imagination run freely and change whatever you want. This gives you another perspective on certain issues and a feeling of mastery over the situation.
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  • Lying behind control
    If panic comes over you, the feeling of losing control can heighten your panic. With this session, you practice reaching a feeling of control that is indestructible and constantly present.
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  • You become small, strong and untouchable
    If a wave of panic comes over you, you make your deeper self smaller and ultimately stronger. You concentrate and through this you get a much better defense. Panic blows over you and away.
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  • You look your panic right into the eyes
    This is what you probably do neutrally at such a moment. Practice this slowly in this session, in deep relaxation. You are never drawn further than you desire. Learning to know your panic is the best way to withdraw energy from it.
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  • A magical line between you and your panic
    In your imagination, you draw a magical line before you that your panic cannot cross. You can also make the line into a circle within which you are safe. Look at how well your panic reacts to this. You can try to clearly reject your own panic, but remain friendly.
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  • Taking the edge off of panic
    This you can apply always and everywhere within a short period of time. It is immediately ready for use than at any feeling of panic. You let a light panic rise within you. Notice how it feels: tension in the head, breathing more rapidly...Then you can reverse each of these symptoms separately.
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