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The heart is an emotional organ par excellence

The heart that beats fast. You feel it throbbing in your throat. This can be because of fear as well as love. The heart is not for nothing a symbol of love. It’s an emotional organ par excellence. A ‘good heart’ is a heart that does its job without the need to shout for attention. It starts shouting however when it feels neglected. The way you give it attention is very important in that case.

Avoid ‘superficial’ attention

By giving ‘superficial attention’ to your heart palpitations, these become more pronounced. On the one hand you then feel them more, on the other hand emotional factors such as hidden anxiety, anger or sorrow are more easily transformed into a really irregular heartbeat. Through this your heart gets more ‘superficial attention’ and so you end up in a vicious circle.

Attention on a deeper level

With AURELIS too you give attention to your heart, but in a deeper way. Consciously and at the same time starting from your deeper self you send waves of rest, love and friendliness to your heart. The latter reacts upon that with a slower rhythm. The vicious circle is broken and your heart, the physical as well as the symbolical, can start and finish the healing process.

One thorough check-up

Heart palpitations in general do not have a physical cause. Nevertheless, one thorough check-up is advisable. Try to avoid that your superficial attention from becoming more pronounced through this check-up. In addition to this, it is very important to you that you quickly find an appropriate attitude regarding this symptom. In this, your deeper self always plays an important role.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Positive attention and love to your heart
    You approach your attention as with velvet gloves to your heart, and you notice how it yearns for love. You can give this love to your heart now by sending it peace and everything you're experiencing during this relaxation. Each time your heart beats faster in the future, you will be able to find this rest again.
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  • Crystal heart, working with light
    You imagine your heart as a beautifully carved, transparent crystal. Some impurities appear as exaggerated palpitations. You can place these in the correct perspective now. In doing so, the impurities diminish until they are no longer visible, and your heart can rest completely.
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  • Pure tones
    In your imagination, you listen to the pure tones of a harp that you are playing in tempo with your peaceful state. At each tone of the harp, you feel how your heart reacts with a calmer rhythm.
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  • Protection - the heart as a flower that opens and closes itself
    In your imagination you see a beautiful flower in the form of a heart. The flower opens and closes at the rhythm of nature surrounding it, creating a very nice unity. In so doing, the flower fulfills her life's goal perfectly.
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  • Consciously mobilizing your own possibilities
    As a whole person you can obtain influence over your own heartbeat. You learn to take the initiative in a conscious manner and, through communication with your deeper self (deep attention), learn to mobilize what can influence your heartbeat.
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