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Stress and meaning in body language

Chronic pain and inflammation in the shoulder is rather frequent and can end in the 'frozen shoulder syndrome', whereby the shoulder can only be moved with difficulty. General stress seems to play an important role in most of the cases. The underlying meaning in body language is often related to the function of the whole arm. You want to seize things, do things, and at the same time another part of yourself does not want to do that at all. Or, you take a heavy emotional ballast on your shoulders that you do not actually want. A violent discord in emotions, consciously or subconsciously, translates itself in a chronic physical tension in the shoulder region. Chronic tension eventually leads to inflammation and pain.


Using hypnosis (also a form of suggestion), good results are obtained with the 'frozen shoulder syndrome'. With AURELIS it is important to regularly practice. You are, by means of your shoulder of course, also busy with your deeper self. That is worth your effort and attention in any way. Once the shoulder is healed, you don't have to continue doing a daily session. It is however, interesting to continue giving much attention to the contact with your deeper self by means of this indication or others (relaxation, meditation, self- exploration...).

Combination with

You can combine this indication. There is little or no overlap with the techniques that have been developed for that. You yourself can search the mix that best belongs to you. However, you don't have to learn as many techniques as possible. Some are enough. It is a good idea to limit yourself and then take care that you master some of the techniques.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The emotions in the shoulder
    You don’t need to explicitly find these emotions. The main thing is to feel them and give them the openness to change by themselves.
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  • What would you mostly like to do?
    You imagine that your shoulder is all of a sudden normal again. What would you then most like to do? Let this arise automatically within you and imagine then that you also do it.
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  • Relaxation by breathing through your shoulder
    At each inhalation and exhalation, relaxation flows through your shoulder. Each time you feel the well-doing effect of this. You impose nothing. Everything happens automatically and you are ready for it as a total person.
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  • Moving your shoulder each time just a bit more
    At a serious decrease of mobility in your shoulder, you can bring your shoulder to exactly where it doesn’t hurt. Then you imagine that your shoulder can go a bit further without pain. If possible, you let your shoulder in imagination and reality automatically follow this painless movement in a slow manner.
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  • Body movement with an imagined shoulder
    In your imagination, you move an imagined shoulder while your real shoulder remains unmoving. You feel however that this movement has a more positive influence on the mobility of your real shoulder.
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Scientific References
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