Painful menstruation

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Pain and regional blood flow are influenced by suggestion

In scientific studies the mental attitude of a woman is obviously an important influencing factor for the degree of pain and blood loss during menstruation. Even cultural-mental factors tend to play a large role. Given the fact that pain and regional blood flow are to a large degree influenced by suggestion, this is absolutely not astonishing. Culture too has a large suggestive influence on the individual.

Domain of uncertain diagnosis

Mental factors are as a matter of fact strongly intermingled with hormonal factors and with a certain physical constitution. It is not the one or the other, but everything at the same time. Moreover, dysmenorrhea is often combined with inexplicable bowel complaints. This makes it very difficult to make a correct diagnosis. Many women thus find themselves in a domain of uncertain diagnosis and difficult treatment. I advise a thorough physical examination, but only one. Don’t let yourself be fixed too quickly at a strictly physical viewpoint. An operation in case of an uncertain diagnosis is positively dissuaded.

The mental viewpoint

With this AURELIS indication an i
Autosuggestion sessions
  • In order to get a clean uterus, little blood loss is sufficient
    In reality, only a little bit of blood loss is necessary for a menstruation to be effective. During this session you use this fact to communicate with your deeper self.
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  • Let the emotional meaning arise and let the pain subside
    You can let the emotional meaning replace the pain like a seesaw. This works best if you start with a spontaneous attitude.
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  • Looking at the moon: monthly attention to femininity
    You can do this in imagination and reality. You look at the moon as a large symbol for the female cycle. You link this with your femininity.
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  • Little blood loss and pain as a sign of strength of being a woman
    Both the blood loss itself and the fact that only a little bit is necessary, are signs of strength. It means you are very much linked to yourself and the nature within you.
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  • You and your uterus on a large plain full of freedom
    You see yourself on a large plain, with the wind in your hair. Everything breathes freedom. Your uterus feels like a magical wand that creates this large freedom.
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Scientific References
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