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Mindfulness anno 2011 is a hype. Briefly said, in most cases it’s about a calm attention to yourself, your body, your feelings, your consciousness. The term exists already for a very long time in the West (already used in writing in 1340). Nowadays, the term refers to a kind of Buddhistically inspired ‘continuous attentiveness’. In Buddhism itself however, this is looked upon in different ways, often contrary to mindfulness. One can best understand this antagonism by the question: who, in the sentence: “I am mindful”, is this ‘I’? Is it rather someone who with a kind of pocket torch, is shining upon, recognizing and cataloging every separate thought? Or it is rather someone who lets go of this beam-like shining - and thus also of himself as an ‘I’ - (of course: who then is letting go of this ‘I’ …)?

Open Mindfulness

AURELIS is an invitation to yourself, in all friendliness, in order to be attentive to your total self… and from there on to the world within and outside you. Of the two kinds of attention mentioned above, it’s especially the second one that is invited and only if you are ready for it. You can do the sessions of this AURELIS domain entirely from a pocket torch-like attention. That is okay. You can also experience them in a very different way, namely in ‘open’ attention, whereby the ‘openness’ is related to what happens inside you. You then let go of the pocket torch. In essence, this agrees much more to the Buddhist core. “Mindlessness: empty of mind… in order to be full of meaning. “ The choice for this in these sessions is lying with you. It is also interesting to do a session firstly in a pocket torch manner and afterwards experience it once in the other manner, whereby you enter into the invitation to let it loose. You are then no longer ‘mindful’, but you become your mindfulness itself. By feeling the difference this way, you can learn much more about yourself and your most inner instrument: your thinking mind. At the same time, you feel the value of a respectful integration of both sides, the good of it, the agreeable, the relaxing and what gives you confidence in yourself as a total person.

About these sessions

In this domain you find sessions about mindfulness, of course strongly AURELIS based. ‘Body scan’, ‘breathing’ and ‘progressive muscle relaxation’, often applied in mindfulness, are sessions that you find in other AURELIS domains. I have brought together here some other exercises of attention that are not present elsewhere in AURELIS.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Choiceless attention
    You let your own attention freely go to whatever sound, feeling, or thought comes to you. You don't know beforehand where your attention will go in the next moment.
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  • Empty teacup meditation
    Each time a thought rises, you examine whether this is a rumination that you can immediately let go or whether it's an important thought. An important thought you will keep with you for a little while. Ruminations you let go as if automatically. You can immediately, after a session or some time later, proceed with this on your own.
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  • Spontaneous physical sensations
    You turn your attention to what spontaneously occurs in your body. You play in several ways with a  naming for this and examine what this does to the feelings themselves.
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  • A room for your breathing
    You try to breathe as spontaneously as possible while you pay attention to your breathing. No matter how this breathing comes, you always examine it and let yourself entirely free while observing your freedom.
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  • From naming thoughts un-naming thoughts
    You name each thought that rises within you. You observe at the same time this naming and then choose not to do this naming any longer and observe this 'un-choosing'.
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Open Mindfulness

Open attention is quite different from the usual: open from where the focus comes from within yourself.

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