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Deepest possible meditation

The 'being of love' in this indication is you yourself, but in a deep meaning it's also the whole universe. This is according to the deepest possible meditation, namely that in which arises an obvious feeling of unity of yourself with everything around you. You reach the feeling that 'God is everything' and 'God is love', without that this implies a judgment about who or what 'God' is . The logical consequence is that you, too eventually exist of nothing but love.

Far reaching change

Such meditations can, of course, put your whole life in another daylight. It's possible that this leads you to a very serious change in your life. According to me, one should always be open to this, but don't proceed too quickly. Regardless of how deep an experience may be, what's important is how that gains a place within yourself, or: how the experience(s) and you are integrated. This can demand some time, but if the experience is real, then you have that time. 'Impatience' is a sign of the opposite.

Do not enforce it

Try not to enforce anything. Apparently this is about something special like a 'peak experience' that can be different for everyone. Sometimes it's not apparent at the moment that something special is happening, but it then comes to you afterwards. It is best to simply be open to what automatically arises within you sooner or later.

Speak about it

It's worth the effort to look for someone with whom you can speak about your experiences at a sufficiently deep level. It's also important to actually do this. If you don't have the impression to be understood, repeat the effort to search further. You can also send an email to the AURELIS website. Perhaps we know someone in your neighborhood. Eventually you are the one who feels, assesses and decides, from your own situation.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • All objects around you are love
    You look slowly around from object to object. You eventually determine that everything is love and this concrete object. It is not only an underlying love, it is entirely love, in which you are surrounded.
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  • Same exercise. You too are love.
    This builds upon the previous exercise. You are entirely surrounded by love and focus your attention on yourself, seeing yourself logically as consisting of nothing but love. You also see that love exists without the opposite of itself.
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  • Same exercise. In love you are one with the universe.
    Since everything consists of the same, there is a unifying of yourself and everything around you. At the deepest level there are no separate things - everything is one. Everything is present in each element and you are the same.
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  • The large feeling of compassion (love)
    Selfishness is gone. Altruism as you knew it before, is also gone. Since you are in depth one with everything, only this unity is important. In this whole a feeling of compassion (love) with everything is the most natural emotion.
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  • The suffering in the world is meaningful
    Two things come together in a way that may demand the deepest insight for you. Every suffering in the world is something with which you feel a natural compassion and that you want to change. At the same time, it is a part of love itself. However deep suffering can be, it is always meaningful.
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