Old unresolved emotions

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A very important domain

People often carry with them lifelong unresolved emotions, which in their current life do not have any sense or positive aim and lead to poor health and lack of wellness. These emotions can be very important to you in the sense that inside you they engender resistance to success, healing or whatever you wish for yourself, but apparently do not reach far for one reason or another.

Not looking for guilt

You cannot really return in time, of course. Your memory is not the past: pay attention that you do not make this mistake. Sadly enough, there are many therapists who make this mistake or have made it. If you go back to the past in your imagination/memory, then it is in any way better to leave behind any feeling of guilt. Also, people whom you could find ‘guilty’, probably have a history that makes their behavior towards you more understandable.

Attention and friendliness

Especially with old unresolved emotions, attention and friendliness to yourself are extremely important. Do not try to force your emotions to change. By simply observing in attention and friendliness that these feelings are there and how they are, you give them (and therefore to your own deeper self) the necessary energy and support to bring about a change from within, therefore entirely from who you actually are. This is a beautiful example of the ‘organic growth’ that always takes a central place in AURELIS.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Contact with the ‘old I’ within yourself
    You come into contact with yourself as you formerly were in your deep memory. Facts are not important, but vague, underlying emotions are, as well as the relation you build with your own former ‘I’. If possible, be very friendly to yourself and everyone else during this session.
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  • From tensions of now to tensions of former days and back again
    You start from a tension that you feel in your body or your mind, your relations... You simply observe this and are open to feelings of former days that may be linked to this tension. With this session, you delve into this on an emotional level.
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  • A stay in the country of then
    In your imagination, you travel to a country that represents the time of the origin of the emotions you cannot easily resolve now. In that country you meet one or more relevant people as they were back then.
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  • Crystal ball of unresolved emotions
    In your imagination, there is a crystal ball lying before you in which one way or the other you can place an unresolved emotion. You surround this with feelings of attention, friendliness and love. Furthermore, you simply observe changes taking place inside the ball and yourself.
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  • Emotions become coloured patterns and then other coloured patterns
    In deep relaxation you let forms and colors spontaneously rise within yourself that one way or the other are related to unresolved emotions. This is a way to give deep attention to yourself. Through this deep, friendly attention you see the colours and forms changing.
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