Non-allergic rhinitis

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Mucosa of the nose is very sensitive to distress

The mucosa of the nose is a tissue that is very sensitive to distress and other mental factors. This can take very pronounced forms such as a violent nose haemorrhage due to acute stress or the development of a nasal polyp due to severe chronic distress.

Mental factors

The sensitivity to fluctuations of temperature, smoke etc. is also strongly influenced by mental factors. This is not always obvious to the involved person himself, because the connection in time between cause and consequence is relative and because especially subconscious factors play a role in the cause. This provokes fundamental difficulties in the recognition of it.

What can be done practically

What is more important however than unravelling the causes, is to examine what can be done practically about the problem. Here one sees then that the symptoms of vasomotor rhinitis can drastically be diminished with suggestive techniques.

Autosuggestion in a totally non-aggressive way

With AURELIS you use autosuggestion in a totally non-aggressive way. This is even more important here because an amount of pent-up anger and auto-aggression frequently play a role with vasomotor rhinitis. With AURELIS you give from within to the soft nasal mucosa the necessary support to repair itself and to react in a healthy way to aggressive factors.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Playing with colours
    You let a color rise from within you that spontaneously changes into another colour. The first colour stands for problems of rhinitis, the second for its solution.
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  • Breathing through your nose with gentle and powerful compassion
    An exercise in breathing gently: at each inhalation and exhalation you are gentle from the internal parts of your nose and throat.
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  • Making the nasal mucosa strong from inside out
    You imagine that from within you do what is needed to make your nasal mucosa strong so it does not react with aggression when it encounters aggression.
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  • At an acute attack: replacing superficial attention by deep attention
    You try to let the attention  you give to your nose always be an accepting, an attention with only positive emotions.
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  • Mucosa of nose and eyes experiences the deep relaxation of your whole body
    You use the deep relaxation of your whole body and mind and focus on the mucosa of your nose.
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