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This is not about making a life choice (cf. Make a Life Choice’) but about the implementation of this. Or: a turn can be necessary without you having the choice. For this AURELIS domain, the direction of the new turn already has to be clear more or less. For example, a life in which one no longer wishes oneself to be involved with drugs or small (or large) crimes. Or one goes on pension leave and wishes to fill in the sea of time that one acquires all of a sudden in interesting, perhaps even adventurous ways. With this AURELIS domain, you can overcome your apprehension towards a new turn. Sometimes not much seems to be necessary, especially in hindsight, to make your life go in a completely new direction. A related AURELIS domain that you can look at, is Change Management.


Once your choice is certain, it’s important to not let yourself be stopped too much by all kinds of obstructions. Those can be very annoying, even engendering a lot of negative stress or even the abandonment of your intention. See also the AURELIS domain ‘Obstructing Factors’. It’s important to keep focus. With this domain you reach for that purpose a piece of necessary self-confidence and self-knowledge. A plane that cannot take off because of all kinds of obstructions, never reaches its potential.

Everything flows

Many people are conservative because they simply do not dare to face challenges. In fact, life is full of challenges and new turns. This domain can therefore be significant a number of times in your life. Also for the people in your surroundings. A new turn taken by someone else, can also mean a new turn for you, even if that is not immediately prominent. If you do your part of the work in such a case, you also help the other from within. At least you yourself are then, to a lesser degree, an obstructing factor. At best, you are the shoulder that one can lean on if necessary.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • A dive into cold water
    You are in your imagination standing on a pier at the edge of a little lake. You know the water is very cold. Other people are already swimming somewhat further towards the other side. There is no danger involved. You wait until you are entirely ready and then you take a good dive into the water.
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  • You slip automatically out of your comfort zone
    You are in your 'comfort zone' without having a specific image about this. It is purely a feeling, an awareness. You invite yourself to step out of this. You feel more and more that this happens spontaneously. It feels very good.
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  • Blockades in a labyrinth get a name
    You imagine a labyrinth. The goal is clear, but not how you reach it. Each time you think to be well underway, you run against a blockade. By looking well at a blockade, it becomes clear what it stands for. Eventually you reach the goal.
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  • In your life so far, the arrow to the new turn
    This session helps you to find elements in your life so far, that already indicate the turn that you are standing for now. This way it's not entirely new, but the continuation of an undercurrent that already carries a considerable amount of energy.
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  • A magical water basin that knows your future
    You are with a high priest of pre-antiquity. You are looking together at the water in a water basin. One way or another you know that your future is already known in this water. The surface of the water occasionally shows you a little element of this.
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