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At chemotherapy: a clear example of autosuggestion

A very well-known phenomenon is nausea that appears at chemotherapy even before the (renewed) treatment is started. The thought (expectation, autosuggestion) of previous occasions is sufficient to provoke a sometimes even violent bout of nausea and vomiting. This is a clear example of autosuggestion.

Several causes

Like in many cases a medical cause should be excluded. However, even if this is found, it is probable that behind a chronic or recurring nausea lies a mental factor. Past episodes also heighten the expectation of a new episode in similar circumstances, just like in the example of chemotherapy.

Emotions behind nausea

Behind chronic nausea can lie a wish to digest the indigestible, or a defense against something that you can incorporate within yourself only with difficulty. This is the wish to bring out what has been forced mentally/emotionally. It can be related to something recent and/or to matters from your childhood, or to the conscious realization that with the years you came into a situation that you actually rather do not want. In any case of chronic nausea, it is important to take the symptom seriously and let it ‘speak’ for itself. You can intensively do that with the indication ‘symptom exploration’.

With AURELIS on your way

No matter how long the chronic or recurring nausea already lasts, something can always be done about it. A positive attitude and the feeling of not being handed over to it, are already very important too. Strive for a solution to the situation: whether in acceptance or in action towards change. With this AURELIS indication, you already are on your way to this. You will experience that something can always be done in order to diminish the nausea.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Nausea as a hillock in a landscape
    You sense a rising nausea like a hillock in a landscape. The nausea appears for a little while and shortly after this slips away again. You sense that behind the hillock lies a deeper meaning.
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  • Only allowing the feeling of nausea as something else
    You place the feeling of nausea outside of you. You do not push it away, but you only allow it back in the form of something other than nausea, in the best case simply as a good feeling.
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  • Strength from previous episodes
    You think of previous episodes of nausea, but in a way that it gives you strength to postpone a new episode or to quickly let it pass.
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  • A strong connection with the ground removes your nausea
    You feel a strong connection with the ground. This gives you a firm feeling of consistency and steadfastness. At the same time it entirely removes your nausea.
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  • Exhaling your nausea
    Without exaggeration, you let each exhalation last as long as possible. During exhaling you imagine that together with your breath, your nausea leaves your body. While inhaling, a deep relaxation comes in place of it.
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Scientific References
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