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No physical deviation found

You are suffering from narcolepsy if you are regularly suddenly overpowered during the day by sleep or by separate elements of sleep, such as sleep dreams, sleep paralysis or automatic activities related to sleep. From a physical angle no deviation that explains this phenomenon has been found until now. Medicines can reduce the symptoms, but cannot heal the disorder, so that many narcoleptics remain dependent on them for many years or even a lifetime.

Maximise mental influence

Many narcoleptics can consciously slightly postpone an attack until they are sitting stable or lying down. This points to the mental influence that you can have on your own symptoms. With AURELIS you can maximise this influence, for example by practising in provoking sleep and then again taking a distance from it. Both one direction and the other give you in the first place more control over your own state of being awake.

Do not fight aggressively against sleep

With AURELIS you can learn to fight against sleep, but never in an aggressive manner. You can let the inner strength that is present in you, be active to your advantage by letting it spontaneously be itself. If you fight aggressively against sleep, this goes underground and you make things more difficult for yourself in the long run, even if you immediately have the impression that it helps you. An attitude that can effectively help you, is one of acceptance of sleep, i.e. not an attitude of giving it up, but of evolving beyond it. Sleep arises from your deeper self. The aid that you attain with these exercises eventually comes from the same source.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • A wall between yourself and sleep
    You create a mental wall between yourself and the sleep that comes unwished for. You practice with this in the sense that you deliberately let sleep descend on you from afar, but then you use the wall as a sufficient protection.
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  • The period of sleep as a wave that passes
    An attack of narcolepsy can threateningly descend upon you like a wave, but you let that wave pass you without getting under it. You simply go on top of the wave and then go down again before falling asleep.
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  • Attracting sleep and then going away from it
    You deliberately lure sleep towards you, but before it gets too close, you make it distance from you again. You gain more control over the coming and going of the symptoms.
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  • A very special trampoline
    In your imagination you are jumping on a trampoline. As a result, you remain awake and eventually you can jump over the attack of sleep.
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  • The killing of sleep signals
    You slap the indicators of a narcolepsy attack to death with a magical fly swatter.
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