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The feeling of contact

This indication overlaps with ‘Meditation’. The sessions that you find here, enter more deeply into the feeling of contact with ‘the divine’, the feeling of presence, immediacy.

Looking for an appropriate framework

Everyone has the possibility inside to experience this and to incorporate it in his own life. People who are concerned with the religious part of themselves, always find an enrichment in this. The problem for many is that they keep searching for a long time for an appropriate framework and eventually prematurely end their search. Also people who have found a framework, often keep having the feeling that religion needs to mean more in their life then that.

AURELIS offers (only) an additional aspect

AURELIS certainly doesn’t provide a complete alternative for what already exists. It can however offer an additional aspect, an additional enrichment. It is therefore not advisable not to let go of your own religious environment, but to incorporate in your mental space the specific experiences that you can have with this indication, so that through this your mental space can become wider and deeper.

In group or alone, but never desolate

You can have religious experiences alone as well as in a group. This is an additional dimension and certainly worthwhile. With AURELIS you have non-social experiences that you may wish to discuss in group afterwards and to let them become social experiences. A religious experience is however never ‘desolate’ in the sense that the feeling of immediacy and presence of ‘the divine’ is contradictory to this.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Feel your inspired body live
    Your body feels different than normal: more open, present, important. Your body is a 'holy place' where your 'soul' can live. The distinction between soul and body becomes less important.
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  • A feeling of openness in a holy temple
    You stay at a holy place, in a temple of religious confession. You can revert to your own experiences. In this session you obtain more openness for present religious feelings.
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  • To a place of pilgrimage
    You choose a place of pilgrimage, which doesn't need to be an existing place. Your attention is focused on its holiness and everything becomes unimportant towards the border of your consciousness.
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  • You are never 'alone'
    During this session you experience a presence of something higher in your life. Regardless of your conception of God or the divine, a deep attention to this makes the feeling of loneliness impossible.
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  • Deep attention as a door to a religious life
    In your imagination a door is present. That is the door of your  deep attention. Each time you step through this door with your whole being, you receive the ability to the world as another world throught your deep attention.
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  • Feeling God's total love for you.
    You feel God's total love for you, which is eventually the same as your love for God. If you are ready for it, you can enter this entirely.
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  • Leaving all your worries while being with Him who is Him as a good Father to you
    You feel that God is always present and that He is always ready for you, just like He is always ready for others. You can go to Him with your worries at anytime and He listens like nothing or no one else can.
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  • Dancing with a divine partner
    In your imagination, you meet someone at an undefined spot who is waiting for you to start a dance. You immediately feel the divine nature of that character. You dance a dance of total attention and loving dispossession. You melt away in this moment.
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  • God is present in everyone of us
    'God is everywhere' gets a deeper meaning here. He is not just everywhere. He is totally present inside you, as if your deeper self is the only spot where He is. He is completely inside you. In a mystical manner he coincides with who you are.
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  • Mysticism in your life
    In your thoughts you go through the things that normally happen in your life. In this deep relaxation however, you are entirely open to the divine contact in all these normal things. They remain what they have always been, but at the same time they completely change.
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  • The holy soul
    One can see 'soul' as the most important part of people. At the same time, one cannot know where 'soul' ends. Probably nowhere, in fact it doesn't matter. The holiness of 'soul' has nothing to do with extensiveness, but with a very deep awareness.
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  • God is everywhere entirely present
    You feel the presence. The 'eventual' is not present a bit here and a bit there. It's not obviously tangible, but 'it' (or 'God' if you wish) is eventually entirely present in every bit of reality. Therefore also in you, and in every bit of reality you find everything.
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  • Attracted by God, the 'love for the Divine'
    God is male and female at the same time. It only depends on the choice of the one who observes. Everyone can feel attracted, even physically, to God of the correct gender. Moreover: love of God = love for God. The 'love for the Divine' is always reciprocal.
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  • In 'deep prayer', the self-evidence of God
    It feels natural in this session that God is present everywhere around and inside you. You feel very good at this. As you let your thinking be free, you feel that each thought about this becomes unimportant. What remains is purely one feeling of deep joy.
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  • It 'doesn't matter anymore'
    You are so deep within yourself that all kinds of things 'don't matter anymore'. You know that, when you return, it can again 'matter a lot'. You decide that for yourself, but here is a domain where categories blur and you realize that whatever you want to say about 'God' is limited by the human restriction of understanding.
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