Myocardial infarction (post -)

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BUrgent message

A myocardial infarction always carries the message that you should change one way or the other. It’s even a very urgent message, because ‘from the heart itself’. Advice: use this indication together with self-exploration (‘Self-exploration’, ‘Symptom exploration’).

A positive turn

It is important that you renew confidence in your own body, your heart, your whole life, by not walking away from it, but exactly by being open to it in a deeper sense. This way the past myocardial infarction gets a positive turn. You can even feel that this eventually is/was the intention of the event. It happens regularly that after a myocardial infarction someone looks at this negative event as the beginning of a very positive turn in life and is rather grateful for this.

Other combinations

Besides self-exploration, think also of the pure relaxations, stress-resistance, meditation in nature and such. This is an important phase in your life. Certainly don’t look at it purely in a mechanical sense. Let your heart/deeper self speak and listen to it with full respect.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Communication with your heart
    You start a communication in 2 directions with your heart as an organ and a symbol for your deeper self. You send and receive attention, love and an intense message concerning your further life.
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  • At the pace of your breathing: a support for your heart
    At the pace of your breathing you send deep feelings of love, openness and support to your heart, especially a deep acceptance of your life in its most natural form.
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  • You let your heart 'speak' in your further life
    You feel how your heart from now on can always show you and the people around you what's important in your life at a deep level: which motivations and feelings are really significant.
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  • You open your heart to a much broader space
    You are open to a broader mental space in which you can live and find meaning. It is a space of very deep meaning and perhaps what you can call 'God', but equally well an 'It' if you don't believe in a 'He' (or a 'She').
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  • Contact with nature inside and outside
    You feel a new contact with nature both inside and outside. Your heart reacts to this with a deep and powerful rest. You are certain that everything will turn out alright for you.
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