Muscle pain

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Undefined pain, undefined diagnosis

Undefined muscle pain for which a clear cause is not immediately available, is often medically seen as a very difficult problem. In view of the burden it brings, it often leads to many physical examinations that are imposing themselves (biopsy...). In many cases, eventually no clear cause is found. Pseudo-diagnoses are common and only serve to blur ignorance.

Often an emotional meaning

Behind such myalgia often lies a hidden emotional meaning. A rigid attitude for instance, an adherence to certain attitudes and unfamiliar principles, or changes that one has to carry unwillingly. One way or the other, there is a mental mustiness involved that transgresses into the physical domain because it is not accepted in the mental domain.

From problem to solution

The task that the pain poses, is to learn to let things go (such as: your own life that goes on year after year), to have patience, to allow yourself openness towards a serious change, an emotional confrontation with yourself or someone else. In order to get some insight in this, it is helpful to look at the circumstances in which the pain occurs more or less. Eventually, it comes down to a deepened contact with your own self. An adaptation on the emotional domain can lead to a ‘de-freezing’ of the muscles. This can take time, but it can also go quickly.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The pain dissolves itself into an idea
    You foucs your attention towards the pain, then you let the pain as it were, spontaneously dissolve. You remain very attentive for this. As the pain dissolves, you feel that it is transformed into an idea that teaches you a lot about its reason to exist.
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  • At each exhalation several times relaxation and pain reduction
    You take some deep breaths. Each exhalation goes slowly and in several phases. At each phase you send some relaxation to your painful muscles and try to reduce the pain somewhat. Whether it succeeds or not, is not important. Each time you start as if it is for the first time.
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  • Meditation in the least painful posture
    In reality you search for the posture that hurts the least. Once you have found this, you try to keep it. At the same time, you try to make your thoughts as quiet as possible. You have attention for the meaning of all this, the meaning that you let spontaneously reach you.
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  • Ask advice from big nature
    In your imagination you are lying somewhere in nature, at a place of your choice. You ask advice from everything that is present around you: the sky, the trees, the animals, the sea... dependent on where you are. You ask what is necessary to be released of the pain. You are open to whatever way an answer occurs.
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  • Inner strength does not make your muscles harder, but stronger
    You imagine that your muscles become stronger, however not physically stronger, rather mentally and emotionally.They can now cope with an emotional stress and help you from within to cope with emotional stress as a complete person. As with your muscles, you too do not become harder but stronger.
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