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Moments of meaningfulness

Everyone has special moments in life, moments that one can still remember years later. These are moments at which one feels much more alive. Life itself seems full of meaning then. Everything seems to be exactly as it should be. People sometimes make remarks about it such as: "this moment should have lasted indefinitely," or "for me, time could have stopped then." These are moments at which you are directly in contact with the deeper sense of life. Sometimes, one doesn’t sense it this way at the moment itself. Sometimes one feels it only afterwards and then it grows at its own pace - in memory - into a very important moment of deep reflection, a turning point in life.

A real memory is not necessary

Such a moment can be a real memory, but that is not necessary. In itself, it’s of absolutely no importance. You can even ‘simply’ invent it. I place ‘simply’ between quotation marks because from another point of view it’s of course not at all this simple. It always has to do with a deep and broad layer within yourself. One can also call this the religious layer, although it’s not necessary that an actual religion is involved. Everything is possible. You are entirely free in this. The only thing that can perhaps be asked of you, is that you properly respect your deeper self and that you do not try to enforce it because of an ego-centered goal.

A big moment can also be very small

Such a moment of meaningfulness can be a big moment at first sight: a marriage, the birth of a child... In this too, everything is possible. A big moment can also be very small and can come to you unexpectedly: during a walk in nature, the contemplation of a painting, or among all the noise and movement of a visit at the dance club.


These AURELIS exercises can help you to better experience/live one or more of such memories and deepen them. Nothing is forced upon you. You keep all freedom and responsibility to take care of yourself. AURELIS is an instrument for that purpose. Always keep in mind that in itself it doesn’t matter whether you work with a real memory or with an imagination.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Your immediate surroundings of now become a 'memory machine'
    You feel strongly involved with the surroundings, the space in which you are now. At the same time, this space becomes an instrument that helps you return to a very important moment in your life, a moment that was both significant and sense-giving, perhaps for the rest of your life.
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  • You 'let a memory come towards you'
    We are used to looking at memories as 'things' we actively go to or that more or less assault us. With this exercise, you reach your 'most beautiful memory' in another way, namely by inviting it respectfully. It comes when it wishes, really from inside.
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  • You are especially open to the happiness of this
    A 'most beautiful moment' is mostly a moment at which you can feel intensely happy. You choose a memory before starting this session. During the session, you are especially open to happiness that is linked to this. Perhaps those feelings are even bigger now than before.
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  • Such moments form the background of your whole life
    The feeling that 'this moment could have lasted indefinitely' can also become a reality in the sense that for the rest of your life it can give you the certainty that an 'underlying layer' is always present. Whatever happens further on, eventually at this layer it's always okay. Your 'most beautiful moment' is like a window to this wisdom.
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  • Each moment can be a 'most beautiful moment': also now
    You are open to the idea, the feeling that your life takes place 'here and now'. You are alive 'here and now'. This here and now is the most important moment for you. Even if you are remembering something else, the act of remembering  happens here and now, never anywhere else.
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