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A mental source inside yourself

It’s not the aim of the body to annoy you with strong unpleasant symptoms of the menopause. These symptoms have a clear physical origin, but they are hugely reinforced by factors such as stress and anxiety. Inside yourself you possess a mental source of inner strength that you can tap in order to alleviate these symptoms until you feel them only minimally. AURELIS provides you with the necessary help to tap this mental source.

The most interesting period of life

It is very important for you not to look at the menopause as a period of decline. On the contrary, it’s a period in your life that offers you a lot of new possibilities. For many women it is the most interesting period in life. Youth of course always remains attractive. However the wisdom of a mature life is far more attractive. It gives you the possibility to get into contact with your deeper self in a new and quite refreshing manner. This also leads to finding a deeper sense and meaning in many things. In order to let this proceed optimally, it’s important that you do the ‘transition’ in a spontaneous and natural way. Here too we have tried to offer you much help. Eventually of course you deserve all credits if you, with the help of AURELIS, make the most interesting phase in your life also the most satisfying.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Describing
    The menopause is frequently seen as a merely negative symbol of getting older and losing one's youth. However, it's also a period of new possibilities. This session helps you to find meaning in this.
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  • The contact with the old wise lady
    In your imagination, you encounter an old and wise lady who makes you think of your deeper self. She gives you the feeling of a thorough rest and well-being. You can come to her with any question you like and always expect a refreshing answer.
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  • Back to the source and from there towards a new vision on life
    You imagine a source of pure water with healing power. You notice through this a new openness within yourself, that allows you to grow into a more beautiful, wiser and richer person who enjoys each phase of her life.
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  • The gate of transition, a ritual
    You imagine a huge gate that symbolizes a psychic transition to a new phase in your life. The symptoms 'of transition' are expressions of the tension before this gate. You can pass through the gate now and come back very easily. In doing so, you learn to appreciate the gate and diminish the tension.
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  • The rejuvenating bath
    This is a rejuvenating session for your body as well as for your mind: imagine a bath with exquisite, fine drawings. As soon as you are lying in that bath, in your imagination, you feel the calming influence it has upon you. Immediately you feel younger, while experiencing the deep relaxation flow through your whole body.
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