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Deep feelings

These are some meditations that you can do with a partner. This can be your life companion or simply a partner in meditation. Take care: this can bring up deep feelings. That is very good of course, if you are prepared for it. Talk about it beforehand and, if possible, afterwards too.


These sessions are ideal for people who gladly meditate closely with someone else or a lot of people, with 'humanity'. Romantic souls can enjoy and grow. Meditation and human closeness (compassion) are themselves very good partners for each other.

With your life companion

If you do these sessions with a life companion, you can always use them towards a deepening of what that relationship is. There is sufficient openness in the sessions to this end. This can go very far and is entirely your choice. A good combination is possible with 'Living as a Couple'. Even if you already have a good relationship, this can be deepened. It is interesting to discuss your feelings with each other openly and honestly after each session, taking care that you do not hurt each other. Deep feelings can be very powerful. Through this the 'hurting' may sometimes be closer by than most.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • With eyes closed. Listening together to a meditation about being present
    You keep your eyes closed during this session. The session is about being with someone else, about deep human feelings, especially a feeling of closeness and reciprocal support/respect.
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  • Eyes half open. Your relation to all people
    You don't look at each other but you 'see' each other sitting. This session is about your relation to all people. Feelings of unity and compassion can be conjured up by this, you simply allow it to happen without force.
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  • You look each other into the eyes and slowly let deep feelings arise
    You look each other into the eyes during this session, so it's best to sitt right in front of each other. Slowly, you both let deep feelings arise within yourselves and you also show these with little movements if you wish.
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  • With eyes closed. Together on your way towards a better world
    You keep your eyes closed. This is a meditation about being together on your way towards a better world, together also fighting for it, definitely finding it worthwhile to do so.
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  • Very deep closeness with each other
    You choose whether to keep your eyes open or closed. You allow yourself feelings of deep closeness with each other: 'from soul to soul'. You can also let this be sexual if you wish, but it doesn't occur explicitly in the session.
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