Low back pain

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A very important psychosomatic illness of our time

Partly through a sitting existence the low back of modern people is a weak spot and gets to endure more and more the impact of chronic stress. Low back pain is therefore called thé psychosomatic illness of our time. It has been scientifically proven that in cases of chronic low back pain there mental factors are almost always involved.

Bearer of burdens

The back is a bearer of burdens: professionally, emotionally, sexually, relationally. For example a sorrow that you do not want to admit to yourself and that for this reason continues to press upon you, an important decision that you do not dare take…

A wrong burden

It does not stay with pain only. The chronic muscle tension also causes a wrong kind of pressure on the spine. This can even lead to a hernia: a purely physical phenomenon of course, but in its origin nevertheless often a mentally caused disorder.

Underlying mental tensions

How small or pronounced the low back pain may be, and even in the case of a hernia it is important to take into account underlying mental tensions. With AURELIS you can directly approach your own deeper self in an unprecedentedly powerful and open manner. Mental relaxation translates itself into a physical relaxation. Moreover it is of course also important to ensure sufficient body movement without overload. Thus handling low back pain means to effectively take into account yourself as a total person.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Warmth and massage of your low back muscles
    You can do this exercise apart from physical warmth treatments or massages. If you have already received this kind of treatment, you can use the memory of it.
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  • Time distortion for diminishment of pain
    Use subjective shortening of the periods during which you experience pain. The relatively or absolutely painless periods on the other hand are experienced as subjectively longer. Through this, the total quantity of pain becomes more bearable.
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  • Protection of your back through a broad and strong belt
    You imagine for the protection of your back a broad belt that is soft but at the same time offers much firmness. The belt symbolizes mental support of and by yourself.
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  • Walking while leaving the pain behind you
    You can do this exercise purely in your imagination first and then also in reality. While you step forward, you let the pain follow behind you. You feel how the pain becomes weaker, bits of it dissolving and disappearing once and for all.
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  • The pain comes and goes in waves
    You let the pain increase (briefly) and decrease (for a longer period of time). You get more control over these fluctuations and eventually you can choose for as much pain as is necessary for your protection.
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Scientific References
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