Long relaxations

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Subjective time progresses more rapidly

In AURELIS you also find ‘Short Relaxations’. For a well doing deep experience of relaxation, the shorter ones are certainly equally good. Given however that the subjective time during a deep relaxation goes more rapidly than in a normal state, a number of people experience the wish to be able to use longer alternatives.

Quality is more important than quantity

Do not try to exaggerate with focussing on the duration of your AURELIS experiences. Deep relaxation is a pleasant and important state, but even more important still is what you do with your experiences in the course of the day and even in your whole life. I mean: quality is more important than quantity If it’s difficult for you to attain a deep relaxation otherwise, then these sessions can help you on your way. These experiences can also help you to go deep in a shorter time if you wish that. Try to keep the feeling with you and to recall it during a short relaxation, with or without listening to a session.

Good cleansing of tensions

In any way a deep relaxation is a good occasion to cleanse your body and your mind of tensions. As a preventive health measure this is very important.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
    It is important to do a short breathing exercise first. This is an exercise for the more experienced.
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  • Meditative yoga
    From the many types of yoga, a gentle form has been chosen. No special body posture is needed. This is especially suitable to people with a longing for meditation. You find a short variant of this as 'Breathing without naming things'.
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  • Fantasy of light - relaxation, purification, energy, healing
    Pure imagination: A beam of light goes from body part to body part and brings with it a deep relaxation, purification, energy and healing. If you master this, you can use the light beam as a ‘general medecine’.
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  • Long breathing exercise (for the advanced!)
    This is an exercise for the advanced. Therefore, it is important to do a short breathing exercise first, or else don't do this exercise intensely for the first few times.
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