Local anesthesia

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Difference with 'general pain'

The difference with the indication 'general pain' is that with this you can more clearly have a local and quickly acting diminishment of pain. If you master this beforehand, you can for instance use this before you go to the dentist or have to undergo another possibly painful treatment. You can apply this without someone else noticing what you are doing.

As a local anesthetic

The effect can feel like after a treatment with a local anesthetic (`the injection against the pain'). The sensation is still there, but no longer feels like pain. You don't have to worry that this would be permanent. The feeling always returns. Also in this aspect, it is just like a material local anesthetic. At experiments where subjects get a so-called local anesthetic (but in fact a simple gel) on the skin, one easily and quickly notices a partial local pain anesthesia. This is a clear example of (auto)suggestion. The pain reduction is not accomplished by the simple gel, but it is the result of the expectation of the subject and of the 'message' by means of this expectation to the deeper self.

A career as a fakir?

You probably already have seen pictures or heard tales about so-called fakirs who can sit apparently insensitive to pain on a needle cushion or can undergo other annoying conditions. They use their mind in an efficient way as 'local anaesthetic'. For this however you don't need to be a fakir. In hypnosis for instance a local anesthesia can often be induced very quickly. What matters is a correct use of techniques, of which you find several in this indication. The more you practise, the more efficiently of course it becomes. If you master well some techniques, then you can quickly apply them whenever you want to use them.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The game of attention with your pain
    Again, you always let your pain (in a specific region) come and go, but the departure of the pain gets a more prominent place.
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  • Switching off your local sensory nerves
    It can feel like little doors closing. The pain doesn't reach your brain anymore. Instead, you have a feeling of warmth or cold.
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  • Circling around the pain with your attention
    You continuously twist your attention around your pain. The pain remains just outside focus; you know it's there, but it seldom or never comes into the center of your attention.
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  • Perceiving the pain and at the same time also the relaxation
    You observe the pain as it is, but the pain is never alone. You continuously send relaxation to the same place and deeply observe that relaxation.
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  • Feeling the pain as something else
    You simply observe the pain, but each time you name it differently and gradually take the aspect of 'pain' from the event.
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