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Physical examination negative

Many people are burdened by an irritable bowel. In most cases this is a chronic calvary. Nearly every medical specialist of stomach and bowels regularly sees a number of these patients and wonders whether and how these people can be permanently helped. For him/her too this is often frustrating. Physical examinations are mainly negative. Existing treatments relieve symptoms, but in a way that is eventually unsatisfactory to everyone.

Response to emotional factors

With AURELIS you as a person who suffers from an irritable bowel can now fully obtain the strength from your deeper self in order to directly relieve symptoms and/or help heal the disorder more permanently. You do that by being friendly to yourself as a total person. It is a fact that stomach and bowels can react very strongly to emotional factors. Think for instance about the stomach that contracts when one feels emotionally hurt, or think of a violent stress as a cause of acute diarrhoea. These are 2 examples of acute responses. Bowels can react to emotional stress in a chronic manner too, in the form of for instance an irritable bowel. This does not mean of course that you simply are the cause of it. You are not ‘guilty’ of this because it happens outside of your consciousness. It does mean that using AURELIS beside whatever therapy, the possibilities are big to take a step ahead in your growth towards beyond the annoying pain and other inconvenience.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Your own healing hands
    You lay your warm hands on your abdomen and you imagine how the warmth transfers from your hands to your abdomen, your bowels and other organs. You feel how the warmth of your hands brings the attention and love of and for yourself. Your bowels react to this with relaxation and a deep kind of healing.
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  • Food in gut brings healing
    Each time you eat, you can think that you not only digest food but also take good care of your body including your own bowels. Your bowels do not get cramped up by food. They  know what they have to do, naturally.
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  • In search of aggression anywhere in your bowels
    You move around with your attention inside your stomach and bowels, and you pay attention to whatever sensation you encounter in this region. You feel if there is any aggression in your bowels. You simply keep your attention on this for a while. You release those feelings and let them move or change spontaneously.
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  • A walk in nature
    You imagine that you are taking a walk in a wood. Nature that you see, is also nature within you. Each time you think about it while walking, you stretch the muscles of your abdomen, which gives you the necessary firmness without exaggerated tension. You also massage your bowels, helping them perform their job.
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  • A protecting belt around your belly
    You imagine that you have a protective belt around your abdomen. This belt is soft, yet very firm. It keeps all bad influences outside and ensures a firm support for your stomach, bowels, and whole person.
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