Inner openness

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Generally applicable

This is a very generally applicable indication. 'Inner openness' focuses itself on change in a general sense. It is also relevant for self-acceptance and as an aid to sheer meditation. Inner openness is as it were the door towards the mere being.

The necessary respect

It is important that you continue doing these sessions during quite some time. This indication needs more than the other indications that you invest enough time and effort and that through this, you show a respect for your own deeper self. Then you feel the change within yourself executing slowly and spontaneously. You reach very deep inside, and you do not go about this lightly.


The total non-aggression of AURELIS is more than ever at its place here. Inner openness can only come to its full right if you also let it be completely itself, without any coercion or the least inclination to controlling interference.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Towards the deepest space within yourself
    You imagine that in the large openness you are searching the deepest space. An element in this search is that you encounter doors that do or do not open themselves automatically. The exercise consists of learning to permit this. The real door is eventually this 'automaticity' within you.
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  • The lake that is turbid first, then opens itself
    You are sitting at the shore of a lake. You are the lake, a lake that first looks turbid but then becomes entirely pure. You dive into the lake and feel very happy with this. In the water a further change of yourself happens.
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  • In a posture of meditation - you become a being of crystal
    You are sitting in a posture of meditation somewhere in a wonderfully beautiful nature scene. You feel very good, your body and mind are effectively one. You are like a total person open as a crystal. Your daily, non-meditative 'I' is sitting beside you and simply enjoys this with you.
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  • In a boat at sea
    You are sitting in a boat at sea. It's as if everything that exists is present inside this boat and nothing exists outside. But quickly you feel that in reality you are the whole sea and the boat is only a small part of this. You feel the openness of the sea as your inner openness.
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  • Towards the basis of thoughts and emotions that are obstructing you
    You return to the past, possibly to your youth, in search of what is clearly obstructing you. You have no negative feelings - everything happens in acceptance of who you really are. You feel a love around you in which only positive is possible.
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