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Respect and attention

An inner guide can be a very interesting partner if you permit this in an appropriate way and with the necessary respect and attention. You certainly do not try to enforce an answer. If an answer doesn't come immediately, then that is also the best for you at that moment.

Your own deeper self

Of course, that inner guide is always your deeper self. An answer can thus only come if it's present within you. It isn't about the next winning lottery number, but a deeper insight and important choices.

Appropriately critical

Don't be 'critical just like that' towards the information and insights that you get. Being 'critical just like that' is often a kind of defense against a change or demand to take responsibility for yourself. Nevertheless, it's good to be positively critical: ask for clarity from your inner guide, even repeatedly. If you take a decision on this basis, take it with the necessary common sense and never rashly. Your inner guide is very wise, but can also be mistaken. The responsibility lies completely with you.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Deep contact with 'nature' as an inner guide
    In your imagination, you are present in full nature. You feel a strange but pleasant kind of 'presence'. It's as if you have personal contact with this whole nature from which you can for a advice.
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  • Your inner guide in the form of yourself
    You go downwards on a moving staircase. Beside you is another moving staircase going up. The moving staircases go slower and you see another 'you' coming upwards. This 'you' is much wiser. You can ask for advice that comes by way of feelings, without words.
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  • Yes/no answer of an abstract guide in the form of a pendulum
    This is not 'using the pendulum' in an attempt to predict the future. You can use a pendulum in a simple way to obtain yes/no answers from your deeper self. This session is an exercise in imagination, but you can also do it with a real pendulum (a small weight on a short rope).
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  • Deep contact with a spiritual guide in a temple
    In your imagination, you are in an ancient temple. Everything is very quiet, soberly beautiful and pleasant. You can ask for advice from a 'presence' in this temple that is full of love and compassion for you. The receive advice of deep love.
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  • A very comforting and protecting figure as a guide
    With your eyes open you imagine that at this moment someone is sitting before you who is very comforting and protective. You can immediately ask this person's advice and communicate with each other through thoughts.
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