Inner conflict

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Consciously or subconsciously

An inner conflict can exist without you being aware of it. You can then feel a certain general fear or stress that arises in certain circumstances that you don't immediately know how or why. The conflict can be related to 2 very different motivations, perhaps things that have been repressed fora long time and have even lost their intrinsic relevance now.

Organic growth

It is very important to let your subconscious (deeper self) grow freely towards a solution in this, with the emphasis on not disavowing yourself as a total person. The intention is not to oppress the inner conflict further or to simply cut it away from you. The real intention is an organic growth of yourself as a total person, including the conflict, towards a state in which the conflict resolves itself.

Within, without

To work on an inner conflict in a good way is to work on a better world. An inner integration and change radiate automatically. At a deep level the world - the whole society - is the consequence of what happens within individual people. Unsolved inner conflicts are eventually the cause of violence, discrimination, even wars. One shouldn't immediately feel guilty for this, but one should feel responsible.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • A white and a black 'you'
    In your imagination you see 2 little 'you-s' that are in a mess with each other. You feel, without having to name things, what they symbolize. After a while they grow closer to each other and form together not an insipid gray, but a beautiful black and white spotted pattern.
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  • A dream in which the inner conflict shows itself
    A (day)dream arises within you. In this, the inner conflict is enacted in a way that nowhere encompasses any aggression. The conflict can solve itself in complete friendliness, for you and the people around you.
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  • You are floating in the air. An inner conflict below you dissolves itself.
    You imagine that you are physically floating in the air. Below you is a conflict that has been present inside you for a long time. You see how it automatically dissolves in the air below you. When you return to the ground, you feel more powerful through this.
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  • At yourself as a psychiatrist - free associations
    You go at yourself on consultation. You are the psychiatrist and the patient at the same time. You let freely arise associations that are related to an inner conflict. The correctness of these associations is not important, but your honesty and deep feeling is.
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  • Beyond thoughts that offer you a deceptively easy hold
    Concerning an inner conflict that you are partly aware of yourself, you go deeper into thoughts of which you feel that they offer you a deceptively easy hold. You continue going increasingly deeper into these. Through this you feel them becoming 'freer'. Also the conflict itself becomes 'freer' through this and can disappear more easily.
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