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Fear that you makes you feel bad

Fear of diseases is for many people an important element in life. This fear can however be so big that on itself it becomes the main cause for bad feelings. It can moreover lead to overconsumption of medication with in the first place also the side effects and the negative consequences for the person himself.

Don't fight against it

By fighting, you heighten the energy of it and you precisely run the risk to become even more burdened by negative and distressing feelings. It's important to accept another look on disease and at the same time to always be open for it, if that look comes spontaneously and entirely from yourself.

The right perspective

Of course it's important that you let yourself be well examined. A physical checkup does not mean however that a physical cause has to be searched further and further. Make this very clear to yourself. You also do not have to wait for the results of the checkup in order to start with this indication. It's in any case worthwhile to have a good perspective on things. Through this you certainly become wider as a total person.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Illness as an enemy -> illness as a friend
    With this session, you learn to look differently at disease in general. Western medicine is almost exclusively oriented upon the idea of disease as an enemy. You, however, can consider it as a friend who comes to tell you something. If you are open to this message, the disease disappears spontaneously.
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  • What means 'being-ill' to you?
    What does being ill generally mean to you? With this session, you are gently supported towards presenting this question and accepting the answer. The answer can become something that supports your health.
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  • The feeling of security that exceeds illness
    Disease can be frightening: it brings the idea of possible decay, loss of control and death. This session is not going to change that, but it supports you in a feeling of safety that exceeds all this and lets you appreciate living in the present.
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  • A 'country in the clouds' where you can float above all illness
    In your imagination, you come to another, strange country. It gives you a feeling of floating. You float above all disease as if this still exists but for you is  less important. Returning from this imagination, you can keep this feeling.
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  • Accepting illness as possibility, makes you stronger
    In this session you are supported towards accepting the possibility of disease. This is a kind of acceptance that strengthens you makes you resistant to the disease itself. You also learn to fight for your own health.
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