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No longer valid as a diagnosis

As a diagnosis, hyperventilation has officially no longer been valid for years. That doesn’t mean the symptoms are no longer ‘real’. ‘Hyperventilation’ is now regarded as an expression of general anxiety, just like for instance anxiety-trembling or anxiety-sweating. It has also been realized that it’s better to simply call it anxiety and to treat it as such.

Yet ‘hyperventilation’ exists

Yet ‘hyperventilation’ clearly exists in the minds of people. It has meaning in this sense and is a possible entrance gate for autosuggestion, as has been developed in this indication. Other AURELIS-indications (fear, stress, phobia, relaxation) are certainly also relevant to people with hyperventilation.

Another diagnosis is often even more wrong

What formerly was called hyperventilation (now therefore anxiety), was often wrongly deemed an organic disorder, among other things because of the very diverse symptoms. The result was/is often even more fear.

Fear, panic

The fear that leads to hyperventilation is not always consciously clear. It is then what you can call a ‘hidden fear’. It is not necessary to bring up that fear and to consciously undergo it. It is however, interesting to properly take it into account in the first place because that fear can teach you many valuable things about yourself.

A feeling of anxiety during a session

If you encounter some anxiety during an AURELIS session, then pushing your way through it is not immediately indicated. There is never a problem at stopping a session. The experience learns that ‘difficult’ sessions afterwards generally appear to be the most important ones, provided you progress sufficiently, slowly and that you grant yourself the necessary space to continue growing. In the AURELIS guide (freely disposable at the AURELIS website) you find much further information about this.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The mini-hibernation
    In your imagination you enter a mini-hibernation in which your metabolism decreases and you need very little oxygen. You can therefore breathe calmly when a feeling of breathlessness appears.
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  • Repeating a past attack
    In your thoughts you return to a past attack of hyperventilation. You try to imagine this again as well as possible. You again experience the same situation without being burdened somehow by your breathing.
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  • Your breathing on automatic pilot
    At the beginning of an attack you place your breathing on automatic pilot. This means: you inhale and exhale fairly deeply but slowly. You practise this by imagining such a situation in deep relaxation.
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  • Control as a wider person
    You make yourself larger in your imagination and through this you obtain more control as a wider person. This is a deeper kind of control than usually, a control that not only comes from your consciousness.
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  • You breathe pure oxygen
    In your imagination you breathe pure oxygen from a very special invisible apparatus. Through this, you can slowly and quietly continue breathing. You certainly do not need more air. Once you know the technique well, you can apply it whenever needed.
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