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Physical examination

In 95% of cases of high blood pressure, no physical cause is found. However, this means that still in 5% of cases one is found. Therefore a physical check-up is always appropriate.

Chronic stress has chronic influence

Acute stress is clearly an important cause of acute hypertension. It becomes more difficult if one wants to show to what degree chronic stress has a chronic influence on your hypertension. In these cases too it is clear that such an influence frequently exists. This influence may not come directly from the consciousness, but it can come from the deeper self. We propose AURELIS as an instrument that has a valuable place in most cases of high blood pressure, whether or not in combination with medication, healthy eating habits and other measures.

Controlling the blood pressure

If you already take medication for high blood pressure and then start using AURELIS, we advice you to regularly check your blood pressure. Using AURELIS in combination with medication may lead to a blood pressure that is too low.

Growing beyond the symptom of ‘hypertension’

Hidden behind a chronic high blood pressure can be a chronic anger, a cold war with the present environment or maybe the one from your youth. With AURELIS you don’t have to analyze this. Such an analysis on itself has little or no effect on the blood pressure anyway. AURELIS provides you with the possibility to grow in an organic way beyond the symptom of ‘hypertension’ and in doing so also beyond the need to keep cultivating the cold war inside yourself. You can notice this indirectly through attaining more and more an attitude of compassion in your whole life.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Your body becomes larger - the pressure diminishes
    In your imagination, your body becomes larger, and your blood pressure automatically lowers to an optimal level.
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  • Permeating sunrays
    In your imagination, you are standing upright in the sun. Special sunrays shine through your body and wash away all superfluous pressure. The high pressure disappears into the ground and air surrounding you.
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  • One with nature - everything has its place
    You are completely relaxed and present in nature, where you feel at home, becoming one with the world around you. This has a deep effect on your internal pressure. As a result, your blood pressure decreases to the correct level.
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  • Energy flows through you and makes you powerful
    Your blood flows freely through your body and keeps your limbs warm. Just like your blood, your energy can flow freely through your whole body. It is not hindered and doesn't turn itself into a high pressure. You can use all your energy for the things you want to accomplish.
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  • Optimizing the effect of medication
    If you take medication for high blood pressure, then you can increase its effectiveness by imagining how the medication dissolves in your body. The smallest particles reach everywhere in your body that they are needed and where they can best perform to your advantage.
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  • Lying down + feeling of heaviness and warmth - pressure disappears into the ground
    Take care that during this session you lie down or that you are half-recumbent. Imagine your body slowly becoming heavier and somewhat warmer. Through this, your blood vessels widen and your blood pressure slowly lowers.
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Scientific References
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