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Very good acting work is a kind of empathy ‘beyond the conceptual’. A good actor leaves behind the direct, purely conscious control for the benefit of a much wider and deeper kind of control (if one can then still call it so). He ‘becomes his role’. That is also what the public notices and appreciates. One sees the actor interpreting real feelings. The character ‘comes to life’. These are expressions that one also encounters in reviews. It seizes the attention because of the simple reason that it’s real. In addition to this, the empathy of the actor invites the empathy of the public. The spectators merge into the play that is being acted. Their feelings too become real feelings. There is no act being played anymore. A piece of reality is brought to life. That can only happen from within. This AURELIS domain can support an actor to that purpose.

Careful at depersonalization

If you have feelings of de-personalization or a history of schizophrenic symptoms, then it’s better to use this AURELIS domain only with good accompaniment. On that condition, this domain can then be especially interesting in the sense that you learn to know and master yourself better in this respect.

Also during the acting itself

It’s interesting to keep these sessions in mind during the acting itself. Your acting work itself becomes an even more effective way to be in contact with your deeper self. It’s a continuing growth of yourself. As you know, each role highlights other aspects and can therefore promote your growth each time from different angles. But in fact, your goal can be even more ambitious: each time that you perform a role, even if you have already often performed it, you can examine yourself afterwards for what you have specifically learned. An insight here, a point of interest there. Consider an acting performance as succeeded only if you can clearly say to yourself afterwards that it has imparted something substantial to you. Perhaps you can make short notes about this in a diary.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Your role comes to life from deep within you
    You focus your attention on your role, but you don't fill in anything consciously. You wait until you feel the role come to life within yourself, then give yourself room for that purpose, inviting the role into your life.
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  • You fill, as yourself, the space of the role that you play
    You imagine that the character you play effectively does the things that are appropriate in the role. You, as yourself, only fill in the space that 'gives matter to the character'. You follow all the movements of the character concurrently.
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  • Your favorite actor as a role model
    You look at your favorite actor - each of his or her movements/sentences. You imagine doing this at entirely the same moment as the actor. You are therefore the one who does this fantastic acting work, entirely yourself.
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  • A past acting experience that you repeat until perfection
    You return in your memory to a past acting experience. You repeat a part that went very well and a part that went less well. In both cases, you repeatedly go over it, once fast, then again slowly, and each time you try to learn from this.
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  • Invitation to yourself and to your character towards melting into each other
    You imagine your character, then you effectively imagine that you are sitting or standing beside your character. You send an invitation to 'melt into each other' without enforcing any of this. You especially pay attention to your feelings.
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