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Stress and stomach pain

‘My stomach turns around.’ ‘I have no stomach for this fight.’ These and other sayings reflect at least the popular wisdom that stomach pain can be the consequence of stress. In the interplay of causes however, stress in itself is no evil doer, but stress that is accompanied by for instance a feeling of impotence, pent-up aggression or a feeling of loss of control. At present a certain bacterium receives a lot of attention as presumably being the main cause. That doesn’t diminish the importance of the fact that avoiding too much negative stress is a good aid for each person with stomach pain.

Deeper attention and ‘friendliness’ for the gastric region

Beside general relaxation you can use your own deeper strength in a focussed way towards healing your stomach pain. You specifically remove the tensions from the gastric region by sending friendliness and deeper attention to that region. Through this you ease your stomach pain, and at the same time you do more: you treat your stomach-as-symbol for underlying suffering. In that way your stomach does not need to cry harder and harder until a stomach ulcer follows or even worse.

No side effects

Use AURELIS together with other forms of therapy. If you experience that it goes much better, then you can for instance reduce your medication somewhat (antibiotics only in accordance with your physician). AURELIS has no side effects and you can use it as frequently and as long as you wish, also as maintenance for example after healing from a stomach ulcer.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Velvet gloves
    In your imagination you get a couple of special soft hands with velvet gloves. With these, you give an effective massage to your stomach region, as a sign of positive attention. All stomachaches disappear unless you still it need for emotional reasons.
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  • All the acid can only flow in one direction
    Through your deeper self you get more control over the gates of your stomach. Through this, the acid from your stomach can only leave towards your small intestine, and no longer towards your esophagus. You can give even more aid by sucking the gastric acid downwards.
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  • The stomach area is transparent to negative emotions
    Negative emotions no longer linger in your stomach region. They simply fly through it now. They become generally somewhat more loose and can easily leave your body.
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  • Sending positive attention towards your stomach during the meal
    While eating you direct your positive attention towards your stomach. You feel nothing but friendliness and acceptance. Through this your stomach can perform its job as well as possible.
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  • Rinsing of stomach with the cold water of a mountain stream
    You are walking in a mountain area and hear the gurgling of a small mountain stream. You lay yourself in full length into the water. This feels very wholesome, purifying and renewing. Every impurity that is present inside your stomach, is washed away.
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  • Your stomach wall continuously renews itself
    You imagine rubbing a special ointment with healing capacities on your stomach wall. This ointment gives your stomach the possibility to repair itself each time it's necessary. Small lesions too can heal very quickly.
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Scientific References
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