Healing of wounds and fractures

Heal Your Self 

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It has been proved scientifically that suggestion can exert a positive influence on the healing of wounds and fractures. Physically, this happens in several ways at the same time: through a better local blood supply, a better supply of the necessary elements for repair, a diminishment of exaggerated inflammatory response, etc.

'To believe in it' is not even necessary, as long as you are open to it

A number of people in this indication can seem somewhat strange. For them, it's important to know that 'believing in it' is not necessary and even not very important for the eventual result. Of single importance is that you don't actively disconnect yourself. A certain openness is essential. A certain regularity of use generally is, too.

Healthy nutrition for body and mind

A healthy nutrition is important for the healing of wounds and fractures, especially enough proteins. You can consider the use of AURELIS as the mental equivalent of this. Together, you have a healthy nutrition for body and mind and therefore the best circumstances to heal as quickly and as well as possible. You still have to let the healing itself just happen. You can work on optimal circumstances for this.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Visualization of the physical healing process
    You imagine how the physical healing of the wound or fracture takes place such as it can also happen in reality. An accurate imagination is not necessary. It's only important that you make it as realistic as possible to yourself.
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  • You go to a special place in nature and deeply ask for healing
    You choose a special place somewhere in free nature, far away from any artificial civilization. Being present there enables you to deeply feel your healing being promoted.
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  • The healing that attracts itself
    You imagine that the wound or fracture already gets more and more repaired. This state of being healed more, draws the current state towards itself so the healing process is accelerated.
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  • The damaged body part in an especially holy bath
    In your imagination you're in a building that looks like an ancient temple. There's a stone tank filled with holy water. You respectfully put your damaged body part in this water and feel how this promotes healing from inside.
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  • The healing of the wound goes together with the healing of your total self
    You focus your attention on the healing of the wound and simultaneously play with the certainty that this helps you with a general kind of healing. What was initially a pure accident, now fills you somewhat with gratitude.
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Scientific References
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