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Using every healing aid

If you have to deal with cancer, you should certainly take care not to have too high expectations from any kind of treatment. However, it is also important to use any healing aid for what it’s worth to you. AURELIS can be seen as an additional, very democratic aid for anyone with cancer. The effects of AURELIS that we deem realistic, include: a heightening of well-being, a diminishing of side effects and enhancement of the effects of other treatments and yes: also the increase of your chances to attain a spontaneous healing, whether or not in combination with other kinds of therapy. This is not scientifically proven. We ground our conviction on ‘merely’ strong feelings and rationality.

Another treatment is not less useful

The use of AURELIS is NO option INSTEAD OF another treatment. You can use it together with whatever other treatment. Nothing in AURELIS may give you the idea that another treatment becomes less useful through this.

No feelings of guilt

From the start, we have given a lot of attention to avoiding negative effects like the induction of feelings of guilt or auto-aggression. The idea that one can and should fight against cancer, is OK. AURELIS offers you powerful mental instruments to accomplish this. However: we deem ‘aggression’ against cancer as inappropriate and therefore this is not present in this indication, even though an aggressive attitude against cancer is socially the most accepted one. We do not accept cancer as such, but we do not mentally cut it out neither. According to us, a consequent attitude in this vein leads to the best chances for healing. We are convinced that the future will prove this to be right.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Imagination of a lake in a storm
    You imagine a mountain landscape and a beautiful lake, but it's stormy weather. Then the storm clears up. You discover the rain has washed away most of the dirt, leaving everything cleaner and nicer. You feel how your attention for these images has quickened this positive evolution.
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  • WBC as white knights who pin down their enemies
    You imagine your cancer cells as weak and confused. White blood cells come in the form of white knights to clear them away, full of energy and self-confidence. They don't do this out of aggression, because it's their job to perform to your advantage.
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  • A magical mist that lessens your symptoms
    A special kind of mist slowly rises with the only goal of helping you. Everywhere it touches you, the mist goes through your skin and replaces the pain, nausea and other discomfort of the cancer and its treatment.
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  • Using your own power against this undesirable situation
    You discover inside yourself mental possibilities that can help you attain true healing. What matters monst in this is accepting yourself as a whole person when you are ready.
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  • Spiritually awakening and learning
    Through your experience with cancer, you can gain a more spiritual insight into your own life and life in general. This may feel like an 'awakening'. With this session, you get guidance on this quest for a deeper self.
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  • Controlling side effects of chemotherapy
    Side effects of chemotherapy often occur before the next chemo is administered. This is a very well known phenomenon that can only be explained by means of autosuggestion. With this session you use the same principle to reach the inverse (positive) effect.
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  • Yourself as a house with many rooms
    You look at yourself as a house with many rooms; some rooms make you rather sick and other rooms contain something that you can use for health and convalescence. This is mainly about emotional contents.
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  • Heightening placebo of medication/radiation
    Cancer treatments, like almost all other treatments, have a certain degree of placebo effect (the healing effect that comes not from the treatment, but from yourself). By focusing on this in a good way, you can optimize this effect.
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  • Towards a future in which healing has occurred
    You don’t fool yourself, however, in a rational way you ‘throw’ the hope on deeper healing towards a time before you and allow yourself to be attracted by this like iron to a magnet. This happens in an entirely spontaneous way without fighting.
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  • Feeling of unity with yourself and nature as an aid to healing
    You attain a feeling of complete peace and unity with yourself and with everything in nature. This doesn’t bring with a feeling of grasp-control, but a kind of deeper ‘control’ that gives you (even in the most difficult circumstances) a worthy place to live in and experience life itself.
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  • A screen between you and the radiation
    You place a screen between yourself and the source of radiation, which ensures  the rays go where they should, but the side effects are decreased. The screen filters out the noxious nature of the rays.
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  • In the hospital as a 'holy place'
    You can do this exercise while lying in the hospital. You imagine you are there at a 'holy place' that ensures that you feel better and, apart from the treatment, your chances of spontaneous healing increase.
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  • A healing message by means of special gloves
    With special gloves you approach the cancer. You envelop it and give  all the cancerous cells the message: they are not evolving into the right direction. You show purely through feeling what the right direction is and you feel almost immediately the reaction to this.
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  • Long relaxation, pain reduction, promotion of healing
    This is a somewhat longer relaxation combined with relevant suggestions. You let yourself sink into this. A deep, long relaxation is considered in the case of cancer to have a certain healing activity by itself.
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Scientific References
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