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Association stress, anxiety, depression, headache

We put migraine and tension headache in one AURELIS indication because most cases of headache are deemed, now more than before, to be mixed forms with elements from both. In the case of migraine as well as in the case of tension headache, acute stress and feelings of depression are provoking factors for acute attacks. On a chronic basis too there is a clear correlation between stress, anxiety, depression and both forms of headache.

Physical cause

The physical cause of migraine is still a big mystery. Witness to this are the many diverse hypotheses defended by different investigators, sometimes in belligerent ways. On the other hand, the physical cause of tension headache clearly resides in the tension of muscles and tendons. This muscular tension can be heavy and thereby also manually discernible. Sometimes the muscular tension is not immediately clear but seemingly prolonged and through this at least as powerful a cause of headache.

Placebo effect of medication

In all scientific studies, the placebo effect of medication is large. A placebo is in fact a kind of hidden suggestion, whereby the user is fooled into believing that a medication is much more powerful than it really is. This surplus of effectiveness is actually the person’s own inner strength. It is our conviction that this situation cannot be advantageous to the patient. For instance in the case of chronic tension headache it has repeatedly been proven that the ingestion of medication does not diminish the total amount of headache. By taking a painkiller, the headache disappears more quickly… only to return more quickly afterwards.

Headache becomes superfluous as message

Seen from the AURELIS-philosophy this is quite evident because with medication you do not reach the deeper self that causes the headache as a kind of unhappily transmitted message. With AURELIS you can make this communication much more open, through which the headache-message becomes superfluous. In doing so, you have fewer attacks of headache. When an attack starts, you also have an instrument that you can use as a much more agreeable and certainly more interesting alternative already in an early phase.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Diminishment of headache close by an agreeable fireplace
    In your imagination you are sitting beside a cozy fireplace. You feel the warmth and enjoy a fresh and painless head.
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  • Imagination: diminishment of tension in your head through a larger skull
    You imagine the bones of your skull becoming slightly larger, or even somewhat parting from each other, so that the pressure on your brain immediately diminishes.
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  • Imagination: a dolphin in all freedom
    In your imagination you are a dolphin, freely swimming and enjoying it. You leave the headache behind you in the water.
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  • Diminishment of migraine by imagining a cool forefront
    A cool forehead leads your attention away from the headache and can decrease migraines through the contraction of small blood vessels.
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  • Loose muscles through mental warmth and massage
    You can perform this session apart from real physical treatments with warmth or massage. If you have had a good treatment in this vein already, you can use the memory to gain positive results.
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  • Stretching of neck and spine
    You hang your head by its vertex on an imaginary elastic cord and stretch your neck and spine to the point where you feel the headache being least pronounced.
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Scientific References
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