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Positive mindset

These are short affirmations with very many repetitions. They bring about a positive mindset, moreso to the degree that you don’t use them to enforce them to yourself. As with other AURELIS indications, this works better if you let it come over you, while at the same time you also let it arise from within you. What thwarts it most, is a superficial conviction that something is or will be the case in combination with a deeper conviction of the opposite.


This assumes a large degree of openness. Incorporate each affirmation within yourself as something very obvious. It is simply this way, definitely. Let your critical (repelling) mind aside. You can be critical before and after if you wish, but consider the situation. These are no assertions from the present or future reality, but communications towards your deeper self. They are pronounced as affirmations, but they are not the reality. In a certain way perhaps it’s ‘another’ reality. If possible, try to feel this ‘other’ reality within your body, for example as a kind of tingling or a feeling of physical security.


With such affirmations, a firm amount of repetition is interesting. Repetition of and during the sessions, but also in between. You can think back on one expression or another now and then during the day. Then shortly stay at it in an intense way. Immediately afterwards, you can proceed with whatever you were busy with. A short and intense standing still is everything that is needed for a deeper communication.
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  • Everything is OK because you wish so
    'In every respect and every day things are better.' This is one of most famous affirmations. It can become better with you and the people around you. A positive mindset easily radiates upon everyone who is slightly open to it.
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  • Your health is good and becomes better
    Whether you are already healthy or have one or another sickness, these affirmations accompany you towards better health and a full life.
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  • You always take the right decisions and you go forward in life
    You get more confidence in your own decisions. You feel with almost complete certainty that you make the right decisions and that without any doubt you go forward in life.
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  • Happiness and more and more happiness is in reach
    Being happy, becomes something you simply need to choose for. It's of course your own choice and responsibility to open yourself to this.
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  • Your biggest goal will be realised
    This can be whatever goal in the short or long run. Before the session, you think of such a goal, so that you no longer need to choose one during the session.
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